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11 Dos and Don’ts When Looking for the Best Bergen County Wedding Venues NJ

Congratulations! You are planning your wedding and are not sure where your wedding venue should be. With so many best Bergen County wedding venues, it is hard to decide on a space. With the wedding (quickly) coming up, you are starting to feel stressed.

How do you pull off one of the best Bergen County wedding venues? What do you look for in a wedding venue? How do you make sure it comes out a success?

Read on to find out # dos and don’ts when it comes to best Bergen County wedding venues.

1. Do Schedule a Meeting with the Events Coordinator

When searching for best Bergen County wedding venues NJ, refrain from just popping in. The reason being is that you don’t know if the events manager or coordinator will be there to answer your questions. While other staff may be happy to answer any pressing questions, they may not give you the complete answers you are looking for and may even need to call you back.

2. Don’t Start Looking Weeks Before Your Wedding

Especially when it comes to wedding venues, the sooner you are able to start looking, the better. Wedding planning and weddings, while fun and memorable, can be stressful when juggling all of the to-dos.

You not only have to look for a wedding venue but try on wedding dresses, schedule your wedding rehearsal, look for vendors for flowers and music, send out invitations, etc. If you can check some off of the list, why not start now?

Besides, you may find one of the best Bergen County wedding venues NJ but it is booked up months in advance. Should this happen, you want to be able to confidently say no problem and add your name to the list, knowing you can afford to do this.

3. Do Look at Multiple Wedding Venues

When looking for wedding venues, it is important that you and your significant other see several. That way, you can compare, talking about the pros and cons of each. It also can help give you more of an idea of what you want out of a wedding venue.

For instance, let’s say you want an outdoor wedding venue but, while taking a tour of a beautiful indoor wedding venue, you realize an outdoor wedding venue is not on the top of your list as much as you thought. In other words, viewing several wedding venues helps give you a better idea of what you do (and don’t) want.

4. Don’t Take Everyone’s Opinion

It is bound to happen. Being that your friends and family are excited for you and your significant other to take the next steps in your lives, they may not be able to help but blurt out opinions on what THEIR ideal wedding would look like. While the intentions are good, if you aren’t asking for them, wedding opinions can add to the stress.

This goes for wedding venue hunting as well. You don’t want to have friends and family inserting their wedding venue favorites when you didn’t ask for their opinion. That said, make sure you and your significant other focus on what you want your wedding (and wedding venue) to look like.

5. Do Have a Budget Before You Start Looking

It is important to budget—especially for weddings. Because let’s face it, they can easily become expensive, considering this is such an important life event and you want everything to come out perfectly.

Without having a budget, you can get lured into booking a wedding venue that will stress you out come time for the bill. It is often disappointing when you fall in love with a place only to realize it is two, three, four, or even five times more than what you can reasonably afford.

Which is why it is important that you and your significant other come up (and stick to) a budget before the wedding planning breaks out. That way, you can look at (and fall in love with) wedding places that will not only be memorable and special but affordable as well.

6. Don’t Expect Events Coordinators to Read Your Minds

While the events coordinator of events manager for the wedding venue has insight and experience into how to put on a wedding, unfortunately, they can’t read your mind.

They don’t know that you would rather have red roses at the entrance versus sunflowers. Or that you want the seating to be on the left than the right.

This is why it is important to voice your questions, comments, and concern for him or her (ideally before the wedding). That way, they can everything in their power to assure that you have one of the most memorable and special days of your life.

7. Do Have Questions Ready for the Events Coordinator

While you don’t have to know what exactly you are looking for, having some questions prepared when looking for wedding venues don’t hurt.

Some questions to ask include:

  • How many people can fit in this venue?
  • Do you offer catering?
  • Is there a package deal that you can offer me?
  • Is the venue open on said date?
  • Do you have a dance floor?
  • What would set up look like?
  • Do you offer other services (i.e. DJ, cleanup, etc.)?

That way, you can make the most of your wedding venue hunting experience.

8. Don’t Let the Small Stuff Bother You

In order to fit your budget, perhaps you had to buy chrysanthemums instead of roses? Or the twinkle lights are too short? Whatever it is, tell the event coordinator your concerns and see if they have a solution. Remember, they have hosted a wedding or two.

9. Do Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Know that even after booking one of the best Bergen County wedding venues NJ, chances are, the unexpected will come up. It is not whether if or when it will, it is how you and your significant other deal with it. For instance, your flower vendor may not be able to deliver the flowers you want to the wedding venue on your wedding date. Or you realize there is an error with the seating chart.

Take a deep breath, feel the disappointment and stress for a second, and then get creative. Ask the flower vendor to see if he can drop off the flowers at your place a day earlier and you bring there. And maybe add a chair or two to a few of the tables or ask the events coordinator for another table altogether so the seating chart matches.

10. Do Give the Events Manager or Events Coordinator an Idea of How You Want the Wedding Venue to be

Each wedding is different, and a beautiful wedding venue will reflect that. Nonetheless, it helps event coordinators to get an idea of what type of wedding venue you would like to have. For instance, what type of music would you like played? What is your wedding song? When do you want catering Bergen County NJ to start?

11. Don’t Book a Wedding Venue More Than an Hour Away from the Wedding Ceremony

(This does not apply if the reception is at the same place as the ceremony.) Congratulations! You and your newly married spouse said your “I dos” and walked through the happy flurry of rice and smiles. Now it is time to celebrate your significant milestone.

What you don’t want to happen is drive two hours away only to be tired when you arrive. We can assure you that your guests most likely will feel similar. Instead, the best Bergen County wedding venues NJ is at least an hour (if not less) away from the ceremony.

That way, when you and your guests arrive, you are ready for fun and good cheer.

Best Bergen County Wedding Venues NJ: Final Thoughts

Your wedding is a beautiful and significant moment for you and your soon-to-be spouse’s lives. We want to make sure that it is special. In a nutshell, start looking at potential venues months out and come ready and prepared with a handful of questions to ask.

Also, know that some minor issues—such as you are stuck in traffic and are running late— may come up but know that, with an experienced wedding staff, you can rest assured that your wedding venue will look amazing.

What other dos and don’ts do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Looking for the best Bergen County wedding venues NJ takes time
  • Which is why it is important to start early!
  • Schedule a meeting with the events coordinator
  • And come prepared with questions
  • Make sure you look at multiple venues so you have a better idea of what you want
  • Make a budget before the wedding venue hunting so you aren’t lured into spending more than what you can afford
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff; your experienced wedding staff will have it covered for you
  • Try to have one of the best Bergen County wedding venues NJ within an hour (or less) driving distance away from the ceremony

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