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6 Things You Need to Know About Wedding Venues Bergen County NJ

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be challenging. In fact, according to a recent study, 96% of couples admitted that planning a wedding was stressful, (with 40% using the word “very”).[1] And, 71% claimed wedding planning to be more stressful than at least one of these items: buying a home, moving, public speaking, finding a new job, having bad credit, or applying to college.[2] The only thing the surveyed couples stated was more stressful? Making sure they found the right person they want to marry. Now that you’ve got that part figured out, read on to learn what you need to know about choosing wedding venues Bergen County NJ. Because, the truth is, once you choose the venue, the rest will fall into place.

1. Choose Your Theme

When planning a wedding, one of the first decisions you have to make is picking a theme. This is the fun part; you get to daydream with your partner about the wedding you’ve always wanted.

What does the wedding of your dreams look like?  Are there colors you have in mind? Do you want a formal or traditional ceremony and reception? Or what about a more whimsical, modern one?  What kind of atmosphere is important to you? Your spouse-to-be? And your families?

Once you’ve got a general picture of what your wedding day should be, it’s time to start looking at wedding venues Bergen County NJ.

Living in New Jersey, you have the advantage of living close to just about any kind of wedding venue you can imagine. Not only are you just a quick car ride away from a bustling city but a picturesque countryside.

Of course, with the wide variety of wedding venues Bergen County NJ options makes it more difficult to choose one. That being said, here’s how you can narrow down your choices.

2. It’s All About the Time and Place

Choosing a date and venue for your wedding goes hand-in-hand. For many couples, the date is the hardest decision. Contrary to what some may think, October is (now) the most popular month for weddings.[3]

Couples looking to tie the knot on a highly desirable date will need to book their location as far in advance as possible. In fact, popular wedding venues can book as far out as two (or more) years in advance for that most sought-after dates. If your ideal wedding date is sooner than that, you may find It more challenging to make sure all of the vendors you want can accommodate your schedule. Because of this, always, always, always, play it safe and plan ahead.

3. Cooperating with Mother Nature

Your guests will always remember how comfortable your wedding was, with the weather playing a big role. New Jersey weather means an outdoor wedding can be equally unbearable for guests in January as in August.

That said, your loved ones may be far more comfortable celebrating your special day on a breezy spring Saturday than hot summer afternoon. However, a venue that works great for a spring wedding may not work as well just a few weeks later in the season.

Even if you’re a native Bergen County NJ native, when you’re looking at dates a year or two in advance, there’s no way to predict whether an afternoon shower or an overcast sky will attempt to ruin your day. If you choose an outdoor venue, you must also consider what kind of accommodations can be made in case of all weather conditions, rain or shine—or even hail.

Yes, this is true for all types of wedding plans, but especially when the weather is involved: expect that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. It doesn’t hurt to ask your Bergen County NJ special events coordinator about a Plan B—just in case mother nature decides to strike.

4. Know You Can Hold a Wedding Almost Anywhere

More than ever, the pressure is on to create that picture perfect celebration (perfect wedding hashtag included).

You’re likely to feel the pressure to personalize as many parts of your wedding as possible, which can leave you stressed. This is where finding that perfect wedding venue Bergen County NJ comes in. To help you with your search, build a short list of potential venues.

While most couples instantly think of parks, churches, and banquet facilities as ideal wedding locales, you may also want to consider some more off-beat yet trendy options. A popular trend is hosting a wedding somewhere you and your spouse-to-be frequent like one of your favorite restaurants Bergen County NJ (or even movie theater).

These are far more exciting than your typical hotel banquet hall. What better way to showcase your personality then celebrating one of the most important days of your life at a place you already hold dear? You’ll already have an idea of the ambiance and decor. Even better, you can visit the venue again—of course, just to make sure it holds up to your standards.

5. Feed Your Guests

Food and drink go a long way in making a wedding memorable. Catering your wedding involves answering a lot of tough questions: Do you want to have a full dinner service? Or just a cocktail hour? Or maybe a brunch? What kind of drinks do you want to have available? And, last but not least, what type of cake do you want?

A formal sit-down meal is the traditional choice after the wedding ceremony, but it’s certainly not mandatory. The options you have available will be greatly affected by the venue you choose. If you’ve selected a venue that provides their own catering, typically you’ll be presented with a number of packages designed to meet the needs of your celebration.

Designing the Menu

You may consider designing a menu that holds a special significance to you and your partner. For you, that may mean ordering 50 pizzas from the place you went on your first date. Or asking your caterer to replicate a beloved family recipe. Many venues have exclusive contracts with certain caterers. And some may add additional fees if you opt to provide food and drink from another vendor.

Alcohol or No Alcohol

Before selecting a venue, it’s also important to make sure that the alcohol policy matches the needs of your wedding. Some venues require you to supply your own alcohol, while others expressly prohibited outside liquor. Drink packages and bartending services vary widely between venues so discuss alcohol options with wedding venues Bergen County NJ special events coordinator.

The Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes may be offered as part of a package with your dinner service, although many couples get their own cake from an outside baker. Know that some locations charge a cake-cutting fee to cover the time and expense of plating and serving your wedding cake. You may be able to avoid this by using your venues in-house catering, or a preferred contracted vendor.

6. Getting the Party Started

Entertainment helps moves the big day along. A good wedding emcee maintains the flow of your reception and keeps the party lively. Like with catering, your venue may have a list of vendors they’ve worked with before.

Selecting a DJ  who already has a relationship with your venue ’s staff can eliminate some of the difficulties in coordinating equipment, lighting, and sound quality. If you choose to select a DJ who’s not familiar with your venue, you may need to be more vigilant in making sure everything runs smoothly.

Final Thoughts: When It Comes to Choosing Wedding Venues Bergen County NJ

Choosing the right wedding venue helps to make sure that getting hitched goes off without a hitch. Everything about your wedding, from the food to the entertainment to the guest list, hinges upon finding a venue that will provide you with what you need to make your day truly special. In other words, it becomes one less detail you have to stress about.

How did you choose your wedding venue? What was the process like searching for wedding venues Bergen County NJ? Be sure to share your comments in the comments section below.


  • Ninety-six percent of couples revealed that they’re stressed about wedding planning
  • Almost three-quarters of couples are more stressed about planning their wedding than at least: buying a house, public speaking, bad credit, finding a new job…
  • Choosing the wedding theme first makes it easier to find matching wedding venues Bergen County NJ
  • Play it safe and book far out in advance, especially if you want your big day in October
  • Have a Plan B in case Mother Nature (literally) rains on your parade
  • However, know that you can hold a wedding pretty much anywhere
  • Discuss with your venue’s special coordinator about catering (i.e. food, alcohol, wedding cake); in some cases, you may get a better wedding package if you go with their preferred caterer. This applies to other wedding vendors such as DJs…

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[1] Zola Unveiled: Science: Wedding Planning Is Stressful

[2] Zola Unveiled: Science: Wedding Planning Is Stressful

[3] Los Angeles Times: October Officially Surpassed June as the Most Popular Wedding Month

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