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A Night to Remember: Throw the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner in Bergen County, NJ

A Night to Remember: Throw the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner in Bergen County, NJ

You are probably focused on and excited about the Big Day: your wedding day! However, now that you are immersed in the planning process, you must not forget about your rehearsal dinner! In Bergen County, NJ, the options to make it perfect are plentiful. But before talking about that, let us remind you why rehearsal dinners are important and must not be forgotten: they are a big deal!

Rehearsal dinners are a fun and vital part of the wedding tradition. Tradition dictates that the event happen the night before the wedding. Typically, whoever is in the wedding must come to rehearse and practice. From walking down the aisle, up to the “I do” part, you want to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible. A bit of spontaneity adds to the flair, of course, but in general, you want to have everything under control.

Friday nights are usually chosen to hold rehearsal dinners, although for holiday or Sunday weddings, you can do it any night that is convenient. Even if you do not actually practice the ceremony part, dinner rehearsals have become a beloved tradition and formality. It gives everyone a chance to relax, recuperate from traveling (for the out of town guests) and since you have your most beloved group of friends and family gathered, the excuse is perfect for allowing the guests to spend time together before the big day, in a slightly less formal setting.  You want to take advantage of this intimate event, where people feel more relaxed and filled with joyful anticipation; and at the same time give them a little taste of what they should expect of your wedding. That’s the primary purpose of any rehearsal dinner, and Bergen County, NJ has the perfect venue for you to host a dream-like event: The Brick House.

Who should host it? Tradition puts rehearsal dinners in the hands of the groom’s family. In all fairness, the in-laws have little to say regarding the whole wedding process; hence, delegating them the responsibility of organizing this event, will make them feel included. They may also add a bit of their creativity! However, many modern couples decide to take on the rehearsal dinner themselves, making sure everything goes along with their desires—and let the parents off the hook!

If you’re in charge of hosting, picking a venue is the first logical step. If you hear there was a “fantastic rehearsal dinner” in Bergen County, NJ –or anywhere else in the world! –You immediately assume it was successful mainly because the food was delicious. Guests have confessed that while they appreciate other details, such as good music, the dinner dictates most of the success. From freshly caught seafood to top-quality beef and mouthwatering appetizers, The Brick House has something for every taste. Moreover, since they are experts in hosting beautiful events, they are happy to accommodate your needs and any special requests.

Now, let us guide you, step by step on what to do to make a rehearsal dinner a “night to remember,” and why The Brick House is the best venue for it.

  • Choose a fun theme. Everyone loves thematic parties. Like we said, rehearsal dinners are the perfect opportunity for everyone to unwind and relax. It is also a great way to kick off the wedding weekend. Let’s say, for example, the groom or bride come from a different cultural background. You may incorporate details to honor that culture and give everyone a fun taste of it. For example, if the groom has Spanish heritage, the appetizers can include tapas and Spanish wine. The great thing about The Brick House is that the ample menu can cover and include a wide array of dishes. You can go in a different direction and throw a “sea-inspired” party, serving clams and lobster accompanied by margaritas or other appropriate cocktails.
  • Consider toning down the formality of the event. Couples are now going for a less-formal approach when it comes to their rehearsal dinner. Bergen County, NJ can have warm summers, so if your event is in July or August, your guests will appreciate a less layered dress code. Besides the weather, another good reason to keep the rehearsal dinner casual is to make sure it does not overshadows the wedding; and also to propitiate an “easygoing” ambiance to break the ice between the families or guests meeting for the first time. You can still have an elegant dinner, but bring the dress code down a notch from the wedding attire—that single detail will lighten up the mood. The Brick House staff is ready and happy to suggest themes and decorations; it is always best to put yourself in the hands of experts and relax a bit!
  • Know what to expect. A little improvisation never hurts, but a well-designed and planned event increases every host’s chances to make the event a complete success. So these elements must take place at your rehearsal wedding: First, the couple must welcome their guests and take some time to catch up with loved ones. You may think this quality time would be a given at the wedding, but it rarely is. The groom and bride will be too busy! Secondly, you can gift your guests with some wedding party favors; even if you skip this part, the bride must take the opportunity to stand up and verbally thank her excellent bridal team—that is her bridesmaids and maid of honor –for their incredible support during the process. And thirdly, after dessert, a toast is expected to happen. If the event follows tradition, and the in-laws are hosting, then the groom’s father would stand up and initiate the toast-round. After him, the bride’s parents can continue as well as some other volunteers who want to take a chance to wish the bride and groom all the happiness in the world. Quick tip here: if you have some announcements to make related to the wedding, this is your chance! You will have everyone’s attention –and some may be ready to leave afterward –so anything from arrival times to what to bring to the wedding or commuting advice, etc.—this is your spot.

As a host, you will probably have many questions about how to organize a rehearsal dinner: what’s the protocol, how to invite the guests, etc. Since there are many things to think about, restaurants have become a preferred choice for a good reason: while you keep yourself busy inviting guests, their staff will efficiently handle every aspect of the evening. From decoration to cocktails, to the menu and flowers, The Brick House is ready to help you organize a fantastic rehearsal dinner.

Here are the answers to the most asked questions regarding the inviting process:

  1. Who should you invite? You want to avoid misunderstandings or getting someone’s feelings hurt. Stick to the essential list: the immediate families, the wedding party members –with spouses or partners –and the parents of any child included in the wedding. Consider inviting special guests, such as a cousin who traveled from abroad to come to the wedding, or anyone close to the couple’s heart. And before making an endless list of guests, check out space at the venue of your selection. The Brick House, for instance, has ample, luxurious space—enough to accommodate 150 people. There are also other areas your guests can enjoy such as the Cigar Bar.
  1. When should you invite them? Typically, rehearsal wedding invitations go out right after the wedding invitations. This helps to avoid confusion or misunderstandings and keeps schedules straight. You also make sure you give enough time for them to RSVP.
  1. How should I invite them? This is entirely up to the couple and the level of formality they wish to convey. If the rehearsal dinner will be a fancy gathering, formal invitations are a must. In today’s digital era –and eco-friendly practices –you can send formal invites to seniors, and send e-vites, or even DIY invitations to the younger crowd. Just make sure the information is clear, and they know who to RSVP. Modern couples also utilize the website event to send alerts and request confirmation.

One of our country’s favorite traditions included at every rehearsal dinner –and Bergen County, NJ is no exception – is to serve the “groom’s cake” for dessert. Although many may opt to give it alongside the wedding cake at the reception, offering something unique and different at the rehearsal dinner is always fun. Everyone appreciates some sweetness!

And lastly, remember to have fun! Rehearsal dinners are supposed to be entertaining and relaxing. Consider The Brick House as your ideal venue for this special night. The Brick House offers brides and grooms amenities not found elsewhere. The private bridal suite gives the bride and her attendants a luxurious space in which to unwind or prepare for her grand entrance, and the cigar bar and meeting space is an excellent location for bachelor parties. The elaborate menus are customizable to suit your budget and individual tastes and needs, from buffet dishes and passed hors d’ oeuvres, to sit-down four-course dinners.  And the beautiful restaurant gives you options for celebrating on a smaller scale if your event is more intimate.

For more information on The Brick House, check out their website here.



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