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Looking for Wedding Venues in Bergen County New Jersey? We’ve Found the BEST – Plus Planning Tips!

  Looking for Wedding Venues in Bergen County New Jersey? We’ve Found the BEST – Plus Planning Tips!

by Jaime

When you think of wedding venues in Bergen County, New Jersey, places like a public park or your own back yard might come to mind.  What if those places don’t exactly bring to mind the elegance associated with your special day? What if I told you there was a place just a stone’s throw from where you are that’s perfect for your wedding photo backgdrops?   No need to keep searching for wedding venues in Bergen County New Jersey – we’ve got the best!

It’s true! Brick House Restaurant offers everything that you could ever want in the perfect location for wedding venues in Bergen County, New Jersey.  Don’t believe me? See for yourself, they meet all your wedding needs.

A Ballroom to Satisfy Your Childhood Dreams

Most importantly – you’ve got to find a place that speaks to you. Remember when you were a little girl and you dreamt of dancing with Prince Charming in the ballroom?

Well, Cinderella, you’re in luck because Brickhouse has an actual ballroom.

That’s right… a real true ballroom for you to have that romantic first dance.  (Sorry Beauty and The Beast fans, no talking tea set or singing décor.)

Bill Pitcher, food editor of The Record (Bergen County’s daily newspaper) had this to say about Brick House:

“23,000 square feet of luxury. The casual bar looks more like an exclusive club with lots of polished wood, dark furniture, a huge fireplace and a curved blue granite bar.”

No matter what your dream location is, make sure it truly speaks to how you want to feel on your special day.  You should be able to easily envision your special day there.

Guest List & Seating Arrangements: How to Plan Wisely

Now that you have your venue picked out, you need to put the guest list together. Pick your people wisely! This is a big one! Whether you’re dreaming of inviting your whole family and every friend you’ve had since Kindergarten, or you’d love something small with just a few special people. Make sure that you pare down you guestlist wisely. Wedding planning and the big day are stressful enough, make sure you invite people that will add to the joy and not the stress.  Make sure you and your spouse-to-be agree on who is part of your big day and who just might not make the list. It’s important that both of you have people there that mean the most to you.  When you get that guest list and seating chart sorted out, turn to Brick House for making your guest feel welcome and comfortable during the ceremony and rehearsal. They have seating for everything from an intimate gathering to a large guest list. Your guest can dine on luxury inside or take the party outside onto the new patio.

Menu Options Comparable to the Best NY Steakhouses – Without the Catering Hassle

Great, you’ve got that guest list taken care..fantastic! Now let’s talk about what everyone is going to eat. Feeling a bit stumped? No worries, Brick House has your menu woes taken care of. Take a look at their website, and you’ll see that they actually have a wedding menu. That’s right, no sending out those “chicken or beef” RSVP cards. Their highly skilled kitchen staff has taken that stress away for you with a menu that it is truly mind-blowing.  Your guest will have an opulent experience that includes everything from a  premium bar for a cocktail hour to a wide arrange of food to choose from during the reception.  Their menu gives you the freedom to choose six items from each of their well-rounded meal options. There’s everything from seafood for your refined aunt to Prime rib for your beef-loving uncle from Texas.  No matter how many guests you have, everyone will be thrilled with the selection to fill their plates with. Not only do they offer sweet treats to go with your wedding cake but they off add-ons to the menu, making sure there’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Ensure Your Guests Enjoy Luxury Comforts

Taking care of your guest is an area that can easily become neglected with all the stress and hassle of planning a wedding.  The guest attending your big day what to feel special and appreciated.  You made it a point to keep them on the list and now it’s important that you take care of them. While you’ve been planning for your wedding and dealing with the details, they’ve had their own kind of stress making it to your event. Make sure you show them that you’re thankful for all they dealt with to make sure they were part of your wedding.

 Keep in mind that some of them may have special medical needs.  Any of the ladies in your bridal party expecting and need a non-alcoholic drink for the toast?  If Grandma has a walker, make sure she can get around with ease. These may seem like obvious things right now but when you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle and making sure everything is perfect, it can be hard to remember all those little details. Making little notes next to their name on your guest list will help you remember as you go and plan accordingly. You may even want to talk to their loved ones to make sure that there isn’t something they need that you don’t know about.  The more comfortable you can make your guest, the more enjoyable it will be for everyone.  What may seem like a simple little something extra to you, may very well mean the most to them.

Save Money by Bundling Your Wedding Needs

When you planning out all the details it’s imperative that you keep your money in mind. If you’ve taken a look at the cost of all the things involved in getting married, you know it can get!  Make sure that you, your future spouse and anyone else who is investing in your big day are on the same page when it comes to paying for your wedding. Use a budget planner to keep track of all those expenses…and yes, I’m sure you’ll discover that there’s an app for that too.  Saving money is just as important as having the wedding of your dreams so if you can find a way to check off two things at it!

 For example, Brick House is not only an amazing restaurant, their property can serve as an amazing location for your wedding with its beautiful landscaping as a backdrop for those photos. You’ll feel like it’s your turn to have a royal wedding. So what does this mean for your budget? Well, now that your wedding and reception area is at the same location and there’s no need to deal with a separate catering service. That checks three things off your list right there!  By combining locations you’ve likely saved yourself some money and definitely saved you and your guest transportation worries. No more worrying out of town guest getting lost of trying to see how many people you can fit in one vehicle. It may even save you from having to rent a limo depending on what you originally planned on for transportation for your wedding party.

While you’re in the money-saving mode, don’t forget to ask about discounts and bundle packages.  Often times venues will offer to return your deposit if you stay and clean up after your reception party. I know cleaning after a party isn’t much fun but hey, it puts money in back in your pocket and that’s a great thing. Besides, you can party while you clean right?

Let’s talk bundles! (This is where the real money is saved folks.)  Some places will offer you a discounted price when you use their venue for multiple things. This goes back to having as much of your wedding as possible in one location. You may have to negotiate for a bundle price or your venue may already have one, just ask.  There’s a chance that the bundle can help you check a few things off on your list you were still looking for.

Other Ways to Save

If for some reason bundling isn’t an option, start doing some detective work to find any discounts that may be offered but not directly advertised. Even if the discount is in the form of a coupon, who’s more money in your pocket! Maybe you can score a discount on hotel rooms for your out of town guest or a discount on the per plate price for your catering. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

So there you have it! We’ve covered everything that a bride-to-be might need to worry about. Following this helpful advice is sure to make your special day as memorable and stress-free as you deserve.  So what are you waiting for? Grab that handy wedding planner I’m sure you’ve printed out by now (unless you’re the tech type and found an app). No need to keep searching for the best wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ – give Brick House a call. They’ll be more than happy to help you with all your wedding meal and reception needs.



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