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DIY Decorating tips for Wedding Venues in Bergen County, NJ

Are you a Bergen County bride-to-be? If you’ve already browsed the best wedding venues In Bergen County, NJ and are ready for some cost-cutting DIY decorating tips, we’re here to help!

Preparation for the big wedding day has always been known to be a little bit crazy. There are thousands of pieces and parts that seem to be bouncing all over the place, and it hardy feels like they will all come together to create a beautiful memory that is meant to last forever. They seem out of hand, or out of your control, and sometimes if=t might even feel like you can only hope for the best.

As you get ready for the big day and watch all those pieces slowly come together, you might want to considering taking a few of them into your own hands. It might require flexing your creative muscle, but choosing a few Do It Yourself ideas to finish some details for your upcoming nuptials might be just what you are missing!

Doing little projects in the anticipation of your wedding can be so much fun! You can get a little creative, and on your wedding day, watch people enjoy the pieces that you made yourself! It is also good to add a little bit of you and your significant other into your wedding. Your own personal touch adds to what makes your wedding unique and preparing for your wedding with DIYs can only add to the memories.

In addition, choosing to do DIY projects that contribute to the wedding might end up saving you a bit of money! That way, you can feel more flexibility to choose what you want in a wedding venue in Bergen County, or other elements of the wedding.

Although it might seem like taking on DIY projects bore your wedding might add to the stress, its quite likely the contrary will happen instead! If you are already feeling a little bit stressed, then working on a side project and doing things in a repetitive process might actually help you to de-stress! You might even find your mind clear enough to solve some issues that you might be going through.

Doing It Yourself is also a good opportunity to bring your close family and friends together before the big day. Asking them to help with little nifty projects is bound to create memories. You can also choose to work on some projects with just your significant other. These kinds of projects might help you work together more and can bring you even closer as you get ready to be married!

There are plenty of possible ideas, and the following list represents a few. You can feel free to pick just one, or maybe even all of them! Just remember to have fun, and to do each project with the mentality of looking forward to the big day ahead.

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Wedding Banners

Wedding Banners are a simple yet artsy idea for any wedding! They are most often used for interior backdrop. For example, if you’ve narrowed down your list of wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, be sure to make note of areas where a banner could work well. The interior where your reception is held might feature a few wedding banners for your guests to take pictures by. This DIY might be the easiest so if you think you might not have any creative skills, this project would be perfect to prove you wrong!

You will need:

* Square scrapbook paper (preferably colored to match with your theme. The closer, the better.)

* String (preferably woolen string, as this holds the best)

* Tape or glue (depending on your preference)

* Scissors

Additionally, you might need:

* Colored paper that is different than the scrapbook paper.


* A thick sharpie

To start, you will need to take the large pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them in half diagonally.

Then, take half an inch line off the top of the longest side by folding it towards the opposite point on the non-patterned side.

Take the scissors and cut off the ends hanging of the now slightly smaller triangle that were created when you folded the half inch down.

Then, use the tape or glue to make a sort of tunnel with the longest side of the triangle. Make sure it is wide enough to fit the string through.

Repeat this as many times as you would like: the banner length is up to you!

In addition, if you would like to take this a step further, you can use the sharpie or the other pieces of colored paper to write words on the banner. For example, you can spell out “Congratulations!” Or “As long as we both shall live” or simply just, “Mr. and Mrs.”

This project, like all others, is something you can really make your own. If you feel like you would like a different shape than triangles, or maybe creating multiple banners to use throughout your wedding, then go right ahead!

Personalized mason jars for your rehearsal dinner Bergen County guests to take home

The point of this Mason Jar DIY is to make something that your rehearsal dinner guests can take home as a memoir of this special event! The point would be to make them all personalized to each guest, so maybe you might consider doing this one with your significant other rather than with friends and family who might be guests to your rehearsal dinner in Bergen County!

This idea might also be useful if you have mason jars that you can recycle instead of throwing away. You can use them for drinks at your rehearsal dinner, and then your guests can take them home and use them for whatever else, like maybe a writing utensil holder! No matter what, they will be reminded of your special day and the good memories they made every time they use them.

You Will Need:

* Mason Jars

* Acrylic Enamel Paint

* Paintbrushes (preferable thin, for writing words and possibly drawing designs

To start, you will need a list of all of your guest’s names for your rehearsal dinner. This way, as you write them on the jars, you can check them off one by one without repeating anyone or making mistakes.

It is up to you how you write your guests names. If you have decent cursive handwriting, this usually looks a little fancier when you give them out as gifts. If not, your regular writing will just as cute!

If you’d like to add a small pattern or design, you should add it either under the name of your guest or on the opposite side of the jar. It would be cute if it was connected or linked to your wedding day. For example, if you know type of flowers that will be prominently featured at your wedding, then it might be a cute idea to recreate a few minimalist versions of that flower on the opposite side of your guest’s name.

When you present these at your rehearsal dinner in Bergen County, you can place them at the tables where you plan for your guests to sit, or possibly on a table at the entrance of the event.

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Seating Chart for the Reception

This is already something that you will have figured out long before your wedding. Guest seating is very important and creating a chart so that there is no confusion among the guests is a valuable addition as well. This seating chart will not only actively function as a tool for helping your wedding day go as planned, but it will also be a cute way to add your personal touch to the wedding.

You will need:

* A corkboard

* Pins (preferably matching your color scheme/ normal silver pushpins)

* Colored paper (matching your theme)

* White Stock paper

* Glue stick

* Sharpie or Ballpoint Pen

* Scissors

To start you will need to look at your previously established seating chart for reference.

Begin by using the stock paper to cut tables and shapes and lay them out on the corkboard as they appear on the seating map.

Then the white stock paper and cut them into smallish rectangles and cut the colored paper into slightly larger rectangles. Use your glue stick to paste the papers to one another so that the white paper with the name written on it has an outline of colored paper that matches the color scheme of your wedding.

Using the pins, place the names of your guests at the designated numbered tables until everyone is where they are supposed to be.

If you want to add something more, you can use the paper and pins to write across the top of the board. You can write simply “seating chart” or “Welcome to the wedding of Mr. &Mrs. _____.”

You might want to consider an easel or something to hang it on, so that the guests see it right as they walk in to the reception. That way they can’t miss it.

Hopefully this list was inspiring for your upcoming wedding! A few simple DIYs can be beneficial in so many ways, not just fun and creative! We hope you find them simple enough to work on and remember: always feel free to add whatever details represent you. Happy decorating, and have fun!

Looking for the best wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ? Be sure to check out The Brick House restaurant for everything from your bachelor party to the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception itself! 

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