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Ewelina & Steve’s Wedding at Brick House, With Gorgeous Styling Ideas for Wedding Venues Bergen County NJ


Ewelina & Steve’s Wedding at Brick House, With Gorgeous Styling Ideas for Wedding Venues Bergen County NJ

One look at Ewelina’s eyes reveals what every bride wishes to feel radiate on her wedding day: true love.  We were so proud to have been part of their beautiful day that we wanted to share their photos, courtesy of Kasia R Photography.

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Ewelina and Steve’s perfect day began with a beautiful ceremony at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Garfield and continued with a fantastic reception here at our very own Brick House in Wyckoff, NJ.

These images prove two things: great professionals can make and capture every detail, and the second, finding a great venue can make the difference between an elegant, classy event and a disappointing one. That’s why the Brick House leads the list regarding wedding venues at Bergen County NJ – local brides love our blend of intimacy and elegance!

Kasia R Photography was able to capture the key elements of this day of joy and blessings: the undeniable complicity between bride and groom, the exquisite accessories that adorned Ewelina’s natural beauty and the not-be-missed details supplied by the Brick House which made this day even more memorable.


Another fun detail that did not escape the talented photographer’s eye was the subtle details in coral that showed throughout the wedding. After all, “Living Coral” is this year’s Pantone Color of the Year!  The singularity of this shades lies on its dual purpose:  no doubt it is a lively, happy tone but at the same time evokes a softness, dreaminess, and romance that every bride dreams of for her wedding design.

DSC 9204 Edit

If you look carefully, you can notice these subtle hints of coral; beginning of course with Ewelina’s dress, and following with her bouquet, the flowers and the entrance of the reception, in the candles at the centerpieces, and in the gorgeous three-tiered cake. Even the appetizer fit the bill: the Brick House offered a mouthwatering shrimp dish from their award-winning chef. Now that’s something that can’t be offered with most other wedding venues in Bergen County NJ! Our elaborate menus are customizable to suit your budget and individual tastes and needs, from buffet dishes and passed hors d’oeuvres to sit-down four-course dinners.

DSC 9461

The unforgettable tour began at the entrance of the wedding room where thoughtful details in wood and candles seemed to announce this was no ordinary lunch.

DSC 9320

The tables looked as magnificent as ever, with comfortable, ample chairs – forget about feeble, squeaky sitting for your guests! We love the beautiful mix of coral with white on the rectangle tables. Elegant white tablecloths and classy china, also in white, are an example that when it comes to wedding décor, sometimes less is more.

DSC 9341 Edit

The gorgeous, original centerpieces were wooden, long, tall candle holders. Every bride should consider the size and arrangement of the centerpieces; they must adorn and decorate the table, while at the same time permit visual contact among the guests. The Brick House nailed both goals with them; candles provide a certain coziness and homey feeling that sets the tone for the reception. Yes, you wish this day to be extraordinary, but you do not want to feel like a stranger in a place. A piece of advice when choosing a wedding venue in Bergen County NJ: make sure you feel at ease, at peace, at home.

The table numbers were a bright idea; linked to the same wood-thematic, they also save the trouble of disorganized sitting. And speaking of sitting, Ewelina and Steve’s table was just gorgeous. The glittery, golden tablecloth and the “Mr. and Mrs.” golden sign showed that the stars of the day were front and center. This is the table were Ewelina and Steve had their first meal as a married couple! Again, thoughtfulness and common sense regarding the super sweet flowery centerpieces:  big enough to display romanticism and pleasurable scent, but not so big that no one would appreciate Ewelina’s indelible smile through the day.

DSC 9540

The setting of the desserts was incredibly original; from white-chocolate covered strawberries to delicious rolled pastry, the platters were set over round pieces of trunks. And to top it: a splendorous three-tiered white cake, with –you’ve guessed it- coral flowers!

DSC 9492

Kasia R Photography + Brick House Weddings = Perfection for NJ Brides!


It is one thing to be able to experience a beautiful wedding reception, and another to be able to sense it through photos; that’s the beauty of professional, inspired, subtle photography. And after experiencing this wedding, we have a new go-to for getting exactly that: Kasia R Photography.

Brides-to-be have tons of questions and doubts when planning their wedding; of course, selecting a photographer comes with its share of inquiries: will the photographer be able to capture what I want? Will the photographer follow my wishes? Will the photographer be present at my event or will he send someone I haven’t even met to my wedding?

The first thing there is to know about Kasia R Photography is that their team is expert in the use of natural light. If you are one to prefer relaxed settings and an intimate approach to it, then your search for a photographer is over. Kasia is all about candid, and fun sessions, which is readily appreciated in Ewelina and Steve’s photoshoot. You can tell what kind of strong bond there is between the groomsmen –even in fun, goofy moments, the sort of friendship Ewelina and her maid of honor have, and of course, the kind of love links Ewelina and Steve. That amount of love is worth being captured and relived over and over through amazing images.

Another detail brides looking for a great photographer to capture their Brick House reception will be interested in: although the digital era dominates all spaces, Kasia offers both options to her clients: digital and prints. Prints are what you frame, what you share and what you give to Mom and Dad for them to keep; do not make the mistake of printing your own at a local pharmacy, for example, the quality will be diminished considerably. Stick to the professionals.

DSC 7558

Both Kasia and the Brick House are no strangers to being featured in many wedding and fashion magazines; we are talking about a fantastic photographer and one of the best wedding venues in Bergen County NJ; by coupling with these two, chances are, the wedding will be publicly and proudly displayed.


The Brick House – the Ideal Option for Your Next Event


Most wedding organizers agree on something: communication between the bride and groom-to-be and the venue, caterers, photographer and other suppliers, is the key to success. If you have fallen in love with Ewelina and Steve’s wedding but you still feel undecided, do not hesitate in contacting the Brick House. Our efficient staff is ready and eager to answer your questions and please your needs, whichever they may be.

Not all couples are the same, and although Ewelina and Steve’s reception seems made in heaven, you may have other ideas for yours. The Brick House excels like no other wedding venue at Bergen County NJ in adapting to different needs and tastes. We have hosted romantic, cozy events; elegant, luxurious receptions and modern, cutting edge parties. Just let us know the vibe you’re interested in for your wedding design, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it!

DSC 9379

Our amenities go beyond anyone’s dreams regarding comfort and good taste. The Bridal suite provides an intimate space for the star of the day –or night- and her bridesmaids; the cigar bar and meeting space is an ideal setting for bachelorettes to relax and set at ease before the celebration.

As ample as its space, the menu at the Brick House accommodates every budget, preference and dietary requirement. Not only the food is delicious and made with top quality, but the staff will also make sure all of your 150 guests dine comfortably.

The Brick House is a preferred location in the area, not just among wedding venues in Bergen County NJ, it also provides a perfect setting for any other event you may have. If you’re having a party and are in the search for a private space, to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, retirement party or anything else, the Brick House offers an exceptional dining atmosphere, an exquisite menu and many other exciting options.

Among the other events often held at the Brick House are Bar Mitzvahs, Bridal and Baby Showers,  Rehearsal Dinners, Corporate Events and Special Holidays. The space offers a place to set a DJ or a band, and the decoration provided will leave every single one of your guests in awe.

This small taste of Ewelina and Steve’s wedding shows the amount of effort, enthusiasm and love the Brick House puts on its events. Every single one of the celebrations held there are important, but they have a soft spot for weddings, as a couple vowing to each other resemble eternal love, hope and in all truthfulness, it restores faith in humanity.

Do not waste any of your precious time checking other wedding venues at Bergen County NJ, the Brick House is ready to make all of your wedding dreams come true and to contribute to your own happily-ever-after.


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