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Flowers for Your Spring Wedding at Venues in Bergen County NJ

Flowers to Incorporate into a Spring Wedding at Venues in Bergen County, NJ

Oh the lucky brides who choose springtime for their wedding ceremony! Well, maybe not lucky, but smart, indeed. Springtime is a joyous time with perfect weather, birds making their reappearance, and most importantly, the number one time for incredible flowers to choose from. Pretty much all of the wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ will happily tell you that the most beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions of the year take place in the spring months of April, May, and June. Flowers are fresh, pastels grace the season, and greenery abounds as fresh shoots wake up from their sleepy winters with excitement and gusto.The Brick House is a beautiful venue that invites the splendor and sweetness of flowers for a wedding reception.

In fact, the incredible abundance of flowers in springtime may actually feel overwhelming to some brides. How does one choose what flowers to highlight in their displays? How does one choose a color palette? What about all of the ways to incorporate flowers from the bouquets to the arbor, to the centerpieces, to so much more?! And then there is the style of flower arrangement too!

First discuss all of these inquiries with the various coordinators of the wedding venues. In Bergen County, NJ, it is typical to choose your venue 1-2 years ahead. As you peruse the wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, try to envision the event space decked out in your spring flowers of choice. This guide is here to help you navigate various in-season spring flowers you can choose from, the different floral arrangement styles, and the specific ways in which you will incorporate the flowers into your wedding.

Floral Arrangement Style

Before diving into the juicy details of spring flower options, it is a good idea to get a sense for what style arrangement you will want. The wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ all pair differently with different styles. For example, outdoor venues often look good with a more wild look, and indoor venues often look best with a more traditional or formal look. The three main floral arrangement styles are as follows:

1)    Linear/Ikebana/Japanese

As the name implies, this style originated in Japan. It is an ancient style that dates back hundreds of years. This style is for minimalists at heart. Rather than focusing on color and abundance, this style highlights the florals against their container. Generally, this style is best viewed from one angle. There is usually a lot of blank space in this style of arrangement as it helps to highlight the few blooms that are used.

2)    Western/Traditional/Mass

This style is based on abundance of blooms, color coordination and symmetry. The name mass gives the hint that there are a lot of blooms, making this style quite elaborate and showy. Often there is more than one color, though colors can all be the same just in different shades. The symmetrical form makes this style look good viewed from most angles.

3)    Line-Mass/Contemporary-American

As this name implies, Line-Mass arrangements combine different aspects of both Linear, and Mass styles. Usually this style is asymmetrical, and may highlight one tall flower or branch with other groupings that flow with the form of the highlighted piece.

While these are the more technical styles of floral arrangements, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity! You don’t need to be an expert in floral design to envision what you want at the wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ. To keep it simple, have a grasp on if you want a more traditional, sculpted look, or a more whimsical and wild look. The florist can guide you from there.

Spring Flowers in Bloom

For all the flower lovers out there, this part of planning the wedding is perhaps the most fun! Here are a few of the most common spring flowers to get your juices flowing and the inspiration fueled.

Anemone Venue In Bergen County, Nj


This jewel-toned beauty has folklore and reputation surrounding its stunning image. According to Greek mythology, the anemones’ vibrant hues are said to have come from the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, when he died. From deep purple, to magenta, to a stunning white with black center, anemones’ colors are just as striking as its form.


This bloom is often in season year-round. Its intoxicating scent makes it a wonderful addition to floral arrangements. Typically having a white bloom, gardenia’s are easy to match with any color palette as well. Its dark waxy foliage adds a nice deep hue of green.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

As the name implies, this flower has a lacy texture in the umbrella shaped flower head. With a mass of tiny flowers spread out thin upon light and airy greenery, Queen Anne’s Lace makes for a whimsical addition to a floral arrangement. The flower is even said to symbolize protection.


This classic wedding flower is often imported, unless your wedding is in spring! The bodacious bloom is scented with either a mild, sweet smell, or a very fragrant aroma. Colors range from white to cream, to burgundy, to pastel pinks and peaches. Peonies originated in Asia and come in a few varieties. Check out the difference between herbaceous peonies and tree peonies to see where your preference lies.


Related to buttercups, this flower dotes many layers of delicate petals, somewhat similar to a rose or a peony. Ranunculus are often used in place of rose or peony as a more affordable option that still captures the same overall aesthetic. Another benefit to ranunculus is that they come in so many different colors.


Ah, how can you talk about wedding flowers and not discuss the beloved rose? This flower, more than any other, symbolizes love and romance. Steeped in history and folklore, the rose has been loved for thousands of years by all types of people throughout the world. There are hundreds of types of roses, if not more, that you can choose from for your wedding. Hybrids, tea roses, wild roses, spray roses and garden roses are the main categories of roses. It is said that Cleopatra used the rose to lure both her lovers:  Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar. The color palette ranges greatly among roses because of their many years of cultivation in gardens. Their aroma, as well, varies quite a bit depending on their variety.

Scabiosa (AKA pin cushion)

This spring time beauty has a unique texture – similar to a pin cushion, hence its nickname. Scabiosa flowers are whimsical and unique and make a wonderful addition to a more wild looking bouquet. They do best as a backdrop to other larger blooms.


This classic and timeless flower looks great in symmetrical and sculpted arrangements. The color choices are seemingly infinite with tulips, making them an easy fit for any color palette or theme. Check out both the French and Dutch varieties.

Ways to Incorporate Flowers

After some inspiration with specific flower choices, you will want to talk to one of the coordinators from the wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ to discuss the layout of the event. There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day, and it all depends on the layout and flow of the day.


Perhaps the most obvious of ways to incorporate flowers: bouquets make the perfect complement to your entire get-up. From your hair-do, to your dress, to your shoes, the bouquet is just as much of a statement and can help to relay your vibe to the wedding guests. Generally the bride has a stand out bouquet and the bridesmaids have smaller bouquets with a matching color palette.


Boutonnieres are tiny floral arrangements worn by men on the lapel of their tuxedo or suit jacket. Often the boutonniere is a single bud with a bit of foliage or a few buds on a pin.


Centerpieces will likely be the largest quantity of floral arrangements that you order from the florist. They go on the dining tables and can also go on the guest signing table, the bar, the cake table, and pretty much any other table you’d want them at! Centerpieces can be extravagant and lush, or simple and minimal. It all depends on the style of the bride and groom and the budget.

The Arborvenues in bergen county nj

While an arbor can be as simple or as ornate as you’d like, having a bit of foliage and flowers as an accent is a beautiful way to enhance the backdrop of your ceremony. Often the arbor arrangements are installed by the florist on site. Some wedding venues have ceremony sites with beautiful backdrops that hardly require anything extra.

The Aisle

Many ceremonies have potted plants or floral arrangements on pedestals lining the aisle. This adds the perfect touch of nature to the ceremony. Your guests will enjoy the ambiance with natural shades of flowers and greenery amidst their seating.

Don’t let this guide overwhelm you! Many brides and grooms work with a florist to come up with the perfect plan for their floral arrangements. DIY buckets, however, are an alternative option from working with a florist. These buckets are purchased from local flower farms, are often grown organically, and are perfect in the spring when the farms will be overflowing with blooms. This DIY option can be a fun way to pass the time with family and friends, bonding as you handcraft bouquets and centerpieces. Either way, make sure you are having fun throughout the planning process. Come down to The Brick House today to brainstorm how you’ll incorporate flowers into this top wedding venue in Bergen County, NJ.

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