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Happy Mother’s Day from The Best Steakhouse in Bergen County

Happy Mother’s Day from The Best Steakhouse in Bergen County

How to Celebrate Your Mom at Home (until The Brick House reopens!)

Under normal circumstances, we’d say, come one and all to celebrate our wonderful mothers with an indulgent dinner at The Brick House—our wonderful steakhouse in Bergen County. But just because we’re closed, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home! We’ve got lots of great ideas for how to really show mom appreciation, even if you can’t take her out.

History of Mother’s Day

We all have to thank Anna Jarvis –back in the early 1900s –for institutionalizing the first Mother’s Day. Ms. Jarvis began a campaign, pushing to have an official holiday –triggered by her desire to honor her deceased mother. Finally, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official in 1914 to take forever place on the second Sunday of May.

So what did Anna Jarvis want to achieve? She sought to reserve a day of expressing our gratitude and love to mothers. A piece of useful trivia here: many people get confused about where to set the apostrophe—is it “Mother’s Day?” or “Mothers’ Day?” Anna Jarvis was emphatic about keeping Mother’s a singular possessive. Why? To make sure each family celebrates its own mother.

It is not about a general public congratulation. It is about an intimate moment with the family. And there is no better way to have a cherished moment than with a lovely dinner at The Brick House –the best steakhouse in Bergen County.

Many people think card companies or marketing wizards invented this holiday just to make a few bucks. Now you know: Mother’s Day is a thoughtful holiday, pursued by the most honest of intentions: the eternal gratitude of a daughter towards her loving, devoted mother.

Besides commemorating motherhood, this celebration also reminds us of the great influence mothers have in society. The pillars of every family, the source of love and the heart of a household, mothers are celebrated in many parts of the world –mostly in March or May. As the old saying goes: “Give a house to a woman, and she’ll turn it into a home.”

What Do Moms Really Want?

No matter what Pinterest says, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans do not gather around the table to craft the perfect –albeit imperfectly made–custom gift… they buy it! Spending for Mother’s Day is calculated somewhere around the $20 billion range each year. That averages around $180 per family.

But what do moms really want? A perfume or a costly pair of shoes? In their own words: “they just want a break.” Of course, this can be translated and interpreted in many ways. For first-time mothers, it can be someone filling in for the nightly diaper-changing shifts; for working moms, it can mean a day off. For most of them, it means skipping cooking, but still enjoying a nice meal with the family. Well, you may not be able to enjoy dinner at The Brick House, the delicious steakhouse of Bergen County, but you can still make a delectable meal at home!

The other thing moms want? Together time! Well, that won’t be a problem. If you’ve been home bound for a while now and are feeling like you’ve been spending too much together time, or simply are bored and out of ideas, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. There are lot’s of ways to make this Mother’s Day special for the mothers in your family.

Gift Ideas for Mom

Since you can’t take mom out to celebrate, get creative at home! There are lots of ways, both virtual and otherwise, to make this day special:

Zoom Party: You’re probably familiar with Zoom by now. It can be a great way to get together for the separated family. It’s may not be as nice as in person, but it’s still pretty wonderful to see all your loved ones faces at once.

 Spa Day at the House: You can’t go out to the spa, but you can certainly treat mom to a spa day at home! Gift her bath salts and body oils and give her time to take a nice long bath. Alternatively, you could set up a foot soak and do masks! It’s always a pleasure to pamper oneself, especially when cooped up inside all the time.

 Virtual Shows and Tours: Get dressed up like you’re going out, but watch a streamed show instead! Plenty of Broadway shows are being streamed for free, as are operas from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. You can also visit museums, zoos and aquariums around the world! Make some snacks, snuggle up on the couch and have a virtual experience.

 Games: Games are a great way to enjoy together time. Board games, word games, and charades are all wonderful ways to bond with lots of laughing. This can be a wonderful Mother’s Day activity!

Crafting: It can also be wonderful to come up with a fun crafting workshop the whole family can enjoy together. Make a scrap book with real photographs (yes, you’ll have to print them out!). Even if you’re not in the same place you can still do something fun together over Skype or Zoom. Maybe have a painting session, or a knitting circle, if that’s your thing. The sky is the limit!

 Dinner: Okay, so you can’t wine and dine mom at the great steakhouse in Bergen County (and we’re sorry for it!), but why not recreate the experience at home? Set the scene with candles, flowers and music. Create a multi-course meal, complete with soup, salad, and grilled steak or fish. You could even include a cheese course. And of course, you’ll want some fine wines to accompany the meal. Don’t forget dessert, and don’t let mom clean up!!!

A Gift for Mom

While experiential gifts are really at the heart of Mother’s Day, it’s always nice to open a gift! Three ideas that will melt your mom’s heart:

  • Bath soaps, body sprays and oils. As the selfless creatures they are, mothers sometimes neglect themselves. A beautiful set of bath soaps, a scrub, or a body spray with her favorite scent will be a gentle reminder that she is still beautiful and can take the time to pamper herself.
  • You love mom, and she loves you. But there’s something memorable about putting those gratitude words in writing. A card is always a good idea, preferably one signed with all the members of the family.
  • They do not seem to go out of fashion. You don’t have to get an entire, luxurious bouquet. As long as you give them with love, flowers are a fantastic way to celebrate your mother.

We’ll leave you with a few more free activities that mom will love during her celebration:

  • Breakfast in bed. Leave the fancy feast for later! Wake your mom up with this classic. Served on a tray (maybe include a flower), this lovely act will set the mood for the rest of the day.
  • Spend quality time with her. We are always on the go. Reserve a portion of the day to have a one-on-one talk with mom, maybe over a cup of tea. Talk about anything she likes: memories, plans, dreams. Skip the “to-do lists” and focus on positive vibes.
  • Let her sleep in. Mom is constantly sleep-deprived. Whether nursing a newborn, balancing her work with her motherhood, or finishing endless checklists. Sometimes all she needs is sleep. Close the curtains, turn off the alarm, quiet down, and let her have a good repairing rest.
  • Do one of her tasks. Pick up the dry cleaning, do the carpool, vacuum the carpets. Fill in for her! It can be something that she usually does or a chore she has postponed due to lack of time.
  • Skip the drama. Families are bound to have conflict. If your family or siblings are going through a rough patch, ignore it just for this day. Make the day about her and only her.
  • Tell her that you love her and give her a hug. Isn’t this one obvious? Still, moms love to hear it and to be embraced. Lots of cuddles and smooches!

We Can’t Wait To See You Again!

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day at home, and when life returns to normal and when The Brick House reopens, we hope you’ll come celebrate with us at our wonderful steakhouse in Bergen County!


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