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Hot New Ideas for Hosting a Unique Party in 2019: 12 Tips From Caterers in Bergen County NJ

Hot New Ideas for Hosting a Unique Party in 2019: 12 Tips From Caterers in Bergen County NJ

With the winter subtly hinting – yes, subtly – its departure the party season officially begins. The calendar announces Saint Patrick’s Day coming soon, followed by Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and before we know it, another Christmas Season will be upon us. But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, we’ve got plenty of events to celebrate, including birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, just to mention a few.

Anything can serve as an excuse to gather the people you love and spend a great time with them. However, when you are hosting a celebration you want to make sure your guests will be comfortable and enjoy themselves; it is all about making your event unforgettable and creating awesome memories. We present you with a list of the newsiest and trendiest ideas when it comes to hosting a unique party in 2019. We will talk about decoration and even requests for caterers. In Bergen County NJ, you will find many of these options available offered by true professionals. Let’s start our list!

1. “I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you.”
Color is the centerpiece of your party decoration. Experts and psychologists claim that color can affect or influence people’s mood. Hence we usually associate dark colors with gloomy subjects and bright shades with joy and excitement. Well, this year’s PANTONE color of the year is nothing but life-affirming and party-suitable: Living Coral. This gorgeous tone enlivens and energizes every single space with a softer edge that makes it appropriate for more elegant or classic events. You will encounter a lot of Living Coral in parties this year, certainly in weddings. It combines with basically anything and stands out in neutral tables.

2. “If I knew you were coming I’d’ve baked a cake.”
Pinterest gawker, much? Then we are sure you have come across the artsy cakes made by Adi Klinghofer or copycats trying to imitate her toothsome creations. Adi has set the trend into making Number/Letter cookie cakes. You may get inspired by her, like us, and include one at your reunion. Quick advice: before attempting making it on your own, check with caterers in Bergen County NJ, to see who would be able to make them. Did you know that The Brick House not only hosts great events but takes special orders and requests from clients.

3. “Let’s have some serious fun.”
Forget about photo booths and props – that is so 2018! Fun materializes in the most unique entertainment ideas for this year: from dance contests to tea readers and fashion caricaturists. When it comes to hiring an entertainer, think outside the box!

4. “Those were the best days of my life.”
Nostalgia is that strange mixture of pleasure and sadness caused by longing past days and wishing you could experience them one more time. Your party could be it! Nostalgia is such a crowd-pleaser, the tendency for this year’s reunions is to designate a specific time and place to play. We’re not talking about drinking games –although alcohol makes it more fun sometimes! – we are talking about a good-old Jenga match, Twister or even craft stations. We all, at some point, braided one of those plastic bracelets thinking it was fashionable. Bring on the nostalgia, have a good laugh and uniquely entertain your guests.

5. “A natural beauty should be preserved.”
So, the decoration niche jumps to the environmentally-conscious train with this tendency: sustainable party décor. Why? Because it is fun, uncomplicated, and ultimately we all care. Party essentials tend to accumulate during an event and end up piling up in a trash can. Just because we want to have a great time, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it ethically! This trend includes everything from sending email invitations; having cloth napkins and cardboard plates –they have some beautiful-looking ones that fool the eye- and eat out at locally sourced restaurants. You can check with caterers in Bergen County. NJ is a nature-loving state; therefore the options are available.

6. “It’s hip to be square.” Or isn’t it?
Buffet Day, Word Nerd Day, Hot Sauce Day, Look-alike Day… we are not making these up! These holidays, albeit unusual and quirky, exist on the USA calendar. Having a Halloween party is fun, yet not original. Throw a fabulous International Beer Day party, and trust us, it will be a success. Not only these holidays occur when people are not overwhelmed with party invitations, but it is interesting to learn different things and have a good time around unorthodox celebrations! If you do decide on this one, check with caterers in Bergen County NJ, to see how they may pitch-in your excellent idea for the party.

7. “Baby if I could change the world.”
So our world continues to change, and along with everything else dietary lifestyles are as varied and numerous as ever. Celebrations such as weddings are now addressing these distinctive food regimes, and believe it or not, when prepared correctly, some of the dishes are quite tasty, not to mention healthy (hello zucchini pasta!). Some of these options are gluten-free, nut-free or related to other food intolerances, paleo, keto, or Atkins friendly. This is particularly important if one or more of your guests has a food allergy; consider having options for them well-suited for their health. Many caterers at Bergen NJ can accommodate to your needs either by changing ingredients or offering entirely alternate menus. Check with your caterer and become the most considered host of all!

8.- “ Have a drink on me.” (But a kid-friendly one!)
Designer cocktails marked for decades the status of every celebration. It is impossible to picture a 50’s party that did not include tons of cigarettes and neat whiskeys poured over cut glass; nonetheless, current generations are trying to party more responsibly. That’s the reason why many party organizers are now suggesting including Mocktails as part of the bar. If you are a designated driver, are pregnant or just do not feel like drinking alcohol, there is no need to feel like a child and order a cherry coke. You are still able to party in-style with creative non-alcoholic cocktails such as the Mountain Mojito Mocktail, Virgin Margaritas or a Virgin Mango Mule (the secret ingredient is ginger beer).

9. “I’m a hot balloon, and I get puffed out.”
Statement balloons were everywhere in 2018! You know, those “Mr. and Mrs., Born to be Wild, Happy Birthday Wifey” huge Mylar balloons spelling anything and everything. They abounded in Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook. Well, Mylar is out, and latex is in. Orb balloons are now in-fashion, taking a key role in party décor. You can check local party décor suppliers in the area like Life O’ the Party.

10. “Seeing in Monochrome.”
We remember how adding as much color to a party was the goal; but, as you may have noticed, the trend is to go simple, basic. Yes! As cliché as it may sound: back to basics must be your party motto this year. Going along this line, monochromatic party themes are in vogue. Choose one or two color shades to dress your party, no matter what are you celebrating. This evokes elegance, luxury, and opulence.

11. “Careless and free as animals.”
Unicorns, unicorns, unicorns. These single horns filled dance floors, swimming pools, and little girl’s rooms all over the world last year. Well, step away magical –but non-existent- creature; put away your unicorn pajamas ‘cause 2019 belongs to the llama. It is not precisely gracefulness what distinguishes them, but cuteness, and kindness. The sweetness in their eyes and the mellowness they transmit has made them the definite favorite this year. If you wish to keep up with current trends, be sure to include some llamas at your party.

12. “I’m on my way, home sweet home.”
Honoring and revering one’s city or region is the ultimate party mode. The possibilities are broad: you can recreate a typical menu from your origins. For example, if you are celebrating the Chinese New Year be sure to include typical Chinese dishes or hand-out Fortune Cookies. We live in a global world, there is no doubt about it; hence we should take our event or party as an opportunity to remember who we are or where we come from. It is culturally enriching; plus it is a lot of fun. We heard about a couple that offered “cookie dough sushi” as their dessert at their wedding to celebrate their cross-cultural union. The finest caterers in Bergen County NJ, are well aware of the trend so you can work with them to craft creative dishes.

Our last piece of advice comes in handy for any occasion: if you want to be remembered as the best host, put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Be thoughtful and take care of the little details as much as the significant components of your party. Pick your favorite tips, gather your friends or family and celebrate life! It’s all about having fun.

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