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How to Throw an Awesome Bat Mitzvah at Venues in NJ

How to Throw an Awesome Bat Mitzvah at Venues in NJ

When it comes to bat mitzvah venues, NJ has plenty of great places to consider. The Brick House, for example, offers a super space with fantastic food and specializes in wedding receptions and bar and bat mitzvahs.

What are Bat Mitzvahs?

A bat mitzvah is a Jewish girl’s coming of age celebration. A girl becomes a bat mitzvah or “Daughter of the Commandments” when she turns 12-years old and is recognized by Jewish traditions as having the same rights and responsibilities as an adult. Similarly, a boy becomes a bar mitzvah or “Son of the Commandments” upon turning 13-years old. The new status allows the young person to become responsible under religious law and is able to participate in all areas of Jewish community life.

Whereas the parents were responsible for their daughter’s decisions and actions prior to the Bat Mitzvah, she will become morally and ethically accountable for her actions once attaining this status.

The Ceremony

Bat Mitzvah also denotes the ceremony that usually takes place when a girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah. The religious ceremony is usually followed by an elaborate reception, which includes a festive kiddush and a family social dinner or banquet on the same or following day. Although the accompanying ceremonies are not stated in the Torah or necessary to attain the status, Jewish families often enjoy celebrating the elaborate nature of the ceremony. The party is also called a “bat mitzvah.”

A bat mitzvah is a once in a lifetime event, and an occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Therefore, it should be memorable. However, getting the right balance for this part religious and part party ceremony requires commitment and planning. If you will soon be a proud parent of a bat mitzvah, and you’re looking for bat mitzvah venues, NJ offers some great locations. However, it will pay off if you observe the following steps:

How to Throw a Great Bat Mitzvah

  1. Find a Great Venue: The choice of location cannot be overemphasized. Getting the perfect venue that meets your event’s unique needs should be a priority. Questions to answer when choosing bat mitzvah venues include:
  • Will the food will be kosher or non-kosher?
  • Will the party be for kids only, or will adults also be involved?

It would be best if you consider places that can accommodate theme parties, such as banquet halls, restaurants, and hotels.  Other aspects to include are size, parking, price, and the dance floor space. You wouldn’t want the hall to be overcrowded.

Moreover, the venue should be convenient for locals and out-of-towners.  Besides, you should also ensure that the food is excellent. The Brick House has adequate space, including spacious dining and ballrooms that are ideal for hosting a large party of the guest. Ample space means your guests will be comfortable while celebrating this rite of passage with your family.

  1. Pick a Theme: Once you have decided on one of the bat mitzvah venues in NJ, choose a theme. A memorable and meaningful theme gets your guests in the party spirit and honors your girl. However, it would help if you considered the interests of the celebrant. Is it something related to food, arts, or music? Research and choose a fun theme that lets the girl express herself. Popular choices include themes related to music, books, animals, sports, arts, and hobbies. You can also select a theme centered on Judaism to keep in touch with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s spirituality.

You could also make a playlist out of your daughter’s favorite songs of all time and include her favorite games.

Other fun themes to consider include:

  • Beach party theme – you can decorate the event produce a feel of surf, sand, and sun.
  • Princess-themed party
  • Jewish women
  • Pop culture
  • Travel ideas
  • All about me (the Bat Mitzvah)
  • Hollywood
  1. Decide on a Budget: How much are you willing to spend on the event? The first thing to consider before you start planning anything is your budget. Decide on a price and stick with it to ensure a stress-free occasion.

There are many ways to celebrate a bat mitzvah on a budget and still have a memorable event.  Find out the price of essential aspects of the bat mitzvah such as food, entertainment, decorations, venue, and more.  Next, you should prioritize and research the non-negotiables as you set up your budget. It is advisable to create a spreadsheet to keep track of costs.  Consider the following while planning for the bat mitzvah:

  • How much will the religious and traditional aspect cost?
  • How many people does the Synagogue expect will attend the kiddush and will you be expected to cater for the entire congregation?
  1. Book a Caterer: Food is one of the most critical factors in an event, so you’ve got to plan your food and beverages. Ensure you lock down a kosher caterer early to ascertain availability. Though you could prepare the food yourself, if you’re expecting up to 150 guests, consider hiring expert caterers so that you can enjoy yourself.  The Brick House is one of the most spectacular bat mitzvah venues in NJ with an elegant dining room, an exceptional menu, and excellent kitchen staff. Enjoy delectable dishes and have a unique dining experience. Throwing your bat mitzvah at The Brick House will allow you to fully participate in the festivities while the expert staff waits on your guests.

It is important to note that people never forget bad food. If they enjoy the food at your event, they will talk about it for a long time, and if it does not meet your guest’s expectations, they will talk about it forever. Most importantly, you must provide answers to the following:

  • Will there be a separate menu for the kids at your party?
  • Will you have a cocktail before the main reception?
  • What other meals will be made available for out-of-towners?
  1. Send out the invitations: Invitations are great for showing off the theme of the party. However, prior to sending out the invitations for the bat mitzvah, make a list of all the people you will be inviting. An easy way around is by compiling a list using a computer so that you can input their contact numbers and addresses so you won’t forget anyone. A list will also make it easy to send thank you notes after the event.

Next, choose an invitation that matches your theme if you have one.  Also, you can save much stress by ordering them well in advance, and that’s why we recommend ordering invitations at least three months before the bat mitzvah. As with any invitation, your invite should contain such details as the place and time of activities.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Do you want the invites to be informal or formal?
  • Video invitations are trending
  • Your invitations can be sent in a box with a balloon
  1. Photography and Videography: Hire a great photographer who will help you create memories of the great bat mitzvah you have planned. Since the photographer will capture both the ceremony and party, they have to be versatile. Also, ensure you check with your Synagogue with regards to taking pictures during service. Will you hire both a video and still photographer? The most crucial factor is to have special keepsakes that the family can treasure for years to come, not just stiff portraits.

You can add a photo booth to make it fun. The photographer can also interview family and friends during the party to create a video montage.

  1. Prepare Gifts: It is a tradition for the parents to give party favors to guests. From trinkets to candy to toys, your guests will be thrilled to receive gifts. Some popular bat mitzvah party favors are photo personalized chocolate bars, custom cookies in the shape of the Star of David, dreidels and kosher mint candy in personalized mint tins. You could also tailor the gifts to the theme of the party, whether sports theme, technology theme, luau theme, or Judaism.
  2. Hire Your Entertainment: Depending on how much your budget for the bat mitzvah is, there are many entertainment options to consider. Most importantly, choose the right balance of entertainment to meet the different ages of your guests. For instance, at a mixed-age party, you don’t want to entertain adults while leaving children bored or vice-versa. Vital aspects to consider include:
  • The kids can be kept busy with casino games during the adult cocktail hour
  • Arts and crafts tables to engage children throughout the event
  • Hiring a disc jockey or a band. A disc jockey can help entertain the kids with games while adults are having a cocktail party.
  • Dancing party games for kids to play
  • A music video booth with karaoke to send kids home with their DVDs
  • Gaming systems and projection screens
  • TV screens to show the live feed of the party

Final Words

Just like planning a wedding, every detail counts when throwing a mitzvah. As such, adequate preparation is essential. Invitations, music, decorations, flowers, and more—there is a lot to do! Also, since it is customary for the girl and her parents to give a speech during the event, it is best if you prepare a few words of congratulations and love.

Moreover, you’ll want to make preparations to provide a small brunch for your out-of-town guests.  Have you figured out what you’re going to wear? It’s time to start shopping and preparing to look your best.  Set up a budget, make a reservation at that comfortable venue, and discuss food with your caterer. It is best to secure all these things a few weeks before the bat mitzvah celebration.  Most importantly, finalize everything before the celebration day so that all aspects of the bat mitzvah go well.

Want to know more about bat mitzvah venues? NJ is host to 5-star event centers like The Brick House which specializes in bat mitzvahs—call today to reserve your bat mitzvah date!


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