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Ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at the best steakhouse in Bergen County – and more!

Ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at the best steakhouse in Bergen County – and more!

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than a month – are you prepared? It’s one of the most important days for couples – whether new or old, married or otherwise – because they get the chance to celebrate each other and their relationship together. Get your mental gears in motion, because you haven’t got very long to plan!

To help you out, here’s a list of ideas for Valentine’s Day – fun date ideas, a fantastic meal at our steakhouse in Bergen County, and some gift ideas that are meaningful and romantic. We’ve got you covered.

Fun date activities in Wyckoff, NJ
Here are some of our favorite picks for a date – with varied options for different personalities. Remember, the date is about both of you, so don’t just think about your partner – choose something the both of you will enjoy!

1. Abma’s farm market
Stroll through the farmer’s market and buy fresh produce, peek inside their wonderful greenhouses full of interesting plant varieties, and spend some time feeding the farm animals – chickens, sheep, goats, and ponies – all for a tiny fee! The farm market also has some nice eats such as baked goodies, donuts and lots of other cool stuff.
Stroll, gawk and munch your way through this lovely, lively market. Ideal for those looking for something fun outdoors that doesn’t involve much physical activity. Mingle with other visitors and watch the adorable farm animals go about their day.

2. Wine and Cheese tasting
The Wyckoff area has some nice wine and cheese tasting places – one of which is in Abma’s farm market itself. The Tomasello Winery offers tasting for up to 5 wines each person, 1 souvenir wine glass, and a bottle of Tomasello wine – plus some other perks. At the time of writing this post, tickets to the winery were being sold for $38 (for two people) on Groupon.
A short drive from Wyckoff is the Bar Academy 101, which offers wine and cheese tasting. The ticket, currently available on Groupon for $33 per head, covers a two-hour wine and cheese tasting tour.

3. National Geographic Encounter
This is an exciting one. Experience the sights and sounds of the sea – from angry sharks to friendly sea lions and vibrant coral – during this virtual undersea tour. The multi-sensory experience is immersive and allows you to enjoy the sea without actually going to it. National Geographic ocean photographers and deep-sea explorers will share their experience of the oceans.
This is roughly 20 miles away from Wyckoff – but the drive is well worth it. Tickets are available on Groupon for $30 per adult [hyperlink:], valid till March 17th.
After a day of fun, you can stop by at our steakhouse in Bergen County and have a lip-smacking, fantastic lunch.

4. The Wyckoff Public Library
Public libraries are an amazing resource that’s underutilized. Reading an e-book at home may be convenient, but there’s something irresistible about reading a hardback in a well-stocked, silent library. And if the books start to get boring, you can always check out the activities and events they’ve got going on. On any given day, the Wyckoff Public Library has 3-4 events lined up.
Head to the library for a quiet day of reading – or perhaps one of fun and games! The library’s website has a complete book catalogue, which includes some fantastic whodunits and mysteries by bestselling authors. Sounds like a fun date to us!
For couples that prefer indoors fun – or have a limited budget – here are a couple fun things you can do at home for a fitting celebration:

5. Play games together
Whether it’s Scrabble, Bingo, Chess or Twister, a competitive board game can be just as fun for some people as a day out socializing. If you both like board games, that’s the day all set! The best thing about board games is that they’re very inclusive – so if your kids want to join, they can.

6. Make a meal
Cooking isn’t often seen as fun, but when both partners join in and use fresh ingredients, it can be! Find dewy fresh veggies, see what you can make with them, and get cooking! For extra fun you can throw in an amusing challenge like tying your arms together, communicating instructions in French (unless you speak it well!), or using only your left hand.

7. Go through old photo albums

Everyone has dusty old photo albums lying somewhere. Dig them out and relive old memories with your partner. Share some family history, get to know each other better. And hope they don’t find an embarrassing photo of you from when you were young and hated wearing clothes!
If you’d prefer to lunch outside before you go exploring, you can stop by Brick House steakhouse. Bergen County residents can come in anytime from noon to 3 PM, or from 5-11 PM on Valentine’s Day. For more information about timings, menus and prices visit this page.

A romantic dinner at the best steakhouse in Bergen County

No date is complete without a nice meal. Treat yourselves to a mouth-watering lunch or dinner at our swanky restaurant. We have a large menu with reasonable prices, and some excellent wines – which you can order by the bottle or the glass. Cigar lovers can also check out our cigar bar, which has a selection of mild and full-bodied stogies fit for a connoisseur.
If a fancy restaurant isn’t your style, you can also eat at our bar, which has bar snacks, drinks, and live entertainment. Although we’re a steakhouse, we have plenty of vegetarian options in the bar and formal dining area. Vegetarian guests are very much welcome!
You can plan your order in advance by perusing our menu online – no download necessary.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas
While many people like to give gifts on this occasion, a lot of people don’t. If you don’t like exchanging gifts or simply don’t have the budget for one – no worries! A romantic evening and some quality time with your partner are great, and you shouldn’t ever feel pressured to buy a gift. However, if your partner likes gifts and surprises and you’re short on ideas, this bit is for you.
Here are some ideas:

1. Something they need
In our opinion, this is the best gift you could possibly give someone. Is your partner using something old or worn out? Whether it’s a decent jacket, their laptop, or a cupboard that looks ready to break – there’s always something we need to buy sooner or later. Find out what your partner needs, hunt around for a good solution, and gift it to them. It’ll make a romantic and useful gift – which is a regrettable rarity.

2. Gift an experience
This is trendy these days. Instead of opting for the old gift-wrapped package route, many people are instead opting for experiences. Whether it’s tickets to an amusement park, a book signing by their all-time favorite author, a backstage pass for a popular concert, or even just a fancy dinner at a lovely steakhouse in Bergen County (that’s us!) – experiences are always a welcome gift.

3. Something related to their hobby
Find out what your partner’s chief hobbies are, and what they might need (or want) related to them. Birdwatchers, for instance, can be gifted binoculars or a camera, book-lovers a hefty book (the thicker the better), travel lovers might appreciate a collapsible water bottle, and gaming enthusiasts will squeal with joy on being gifted the latest game from their favorite company. Granted, you’ll need to do some research and digging, but it’ll make your partner very happy!

4. Gift them necessities
Not the most romantic option, but hey, it’s practical. If you give someone a picture frame or teddy bear, it may lie on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. But if you gift them a care package of their favorite bath items (shampoo, soaps, lotion, scrubs, etc) , you know they’ll use it.

5. Fail-proof options
If nothing else works, go for the tried and tested chocolate. If your partner isn’t crazy about chocolate, there are other ‘traditional’ gifts – think a bottle of wine, a cool new gadget, a pair of fluffy socks, a gift card…you get the drift.

Liked these ideas? Let us know! If you’d like to book a table at our steakhouse in Bergen County, you can call us at 201-848-1211. The Brick House is a large restaurant, but we expect to be fairly busy on Valentine’s Day so it’s a good idea to book in advance. Happy dining!

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