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Make your 12-year-old Feel Special at Bat Mitzvah Venues in NJ

Make your 12-year-old Feel Special at Bat Mitzvah Venues in NJ

The time has come in your twelve-year-old daughter’s life as she has now become a bat mitzvah, a “Daughter of the Commandments.” This celebration is something for which she has been waiting for what seems like forever – since she became aware of the tradition, in fact. What little girl wouldn’t want to have a party thrown in her honor and made to feel special on her day? As overwhelming as party planning can be, here are some helpful ideas to help the party planning be less stressful and enjoyed by all, including recommendations on one of the best bat mitzvah venues in NJ – The Brick House.

The Venue

Looking for the right party space can be a bit tedious. However, The Brick House is an excellent place to consider as one of the best bat mitzvah venues in NJ. They have a banquet space that caters to bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs. Along with this all-inclusive location, you can check a caterer off your list as they have a delightful menu that will satisfy the pickiest eater to the more sophisticated pallet. You can host a cocktail hour for all your guests and then venture into the banquet room for a beautiful celebration.

Blending Tradition with Modern

In traditional celebrations, a bat mitzvah was acknowledged more in private than out in the open, as is in vogue now. There are simple ways of incorporating your traditions into a more modern party. Start with adding symbols such as the Star of David or even a tallit. An additional way to add these symbols is to have cookies in these shapes. You can also add the tokens to your chosen décor, as well as on the cakes on display. Let’s not forget to add these symbols and other symbols that have meaning to your invitations as you hand them out to your guests. In this is way, your guests will always remember the special moment they shared with your daughter.

Her Special Theme

Choosing a theme for the celebration will be the highlight of the planning. There are so many party themes to choose from, so let’s consider some popular ideas.

Your daughter’s theme will show a bit about her personality and what she is like as she grows into a young woman. Is your daughter one of whimsy and carefree? How about a unicorn party fit for the young at heart? Imagine all the various pastel colors, glitter and the shimmer; enough to satisfy any young lady’s fancy. The archway could be draped in multi-colored balloons with glitter sprayed all over to give the guests a hint of what is to come. The table set-up could include all things mystical and colorful. Place settings could be crystal and silver to shine bright against the backdrop.

Or is your daughter more suited for royalty? Then perhaps a royal affair, fit for any princess. When decorating with gold, fabrics, and splendor, your affair would be suitable for a Romanov, a Windsor, or even a Rothschild. The place cards could be adorned with the house crest as well as the symbols from your faith.

How about something out of a fairy tale such as Alice in Wonderland? Now, this is a theme you could play up. Imagine as your main centerpiece, the Queen of Hearts welcoming all your guest to a game of croquet. Small paper mallets would state your place, and each table would have a clock, as we can’t be late to your party! There are any number of themes that could be fitting for your daughter and her tastes. With so many to choose from, you may want to get started right away And don’t forget, as you explore bat mitzvah venues in NJ, find out how amenable the staff is to allowing you to decorate to your heart’s content.

Memories in the Making

There are many ways to memorialize the moment of your little girl’s special night. Of course, you will have a photographer to capture every moment.. One of the few suggestions that will get your party guests involved could be a photo booth. They are very popular and have many props that are available for making each picture special. You can either rent a photo booth, create one, or even have a backdrop to fit the theme of the celebration. Let’s not forget the beautiful grounds of your venue to snap that once in a lifetime picture as a family. Keep in mind your photo backdrop options as you evaluate the best bat mitzvah venues in NJ, such as The Brick House in Wyckoff. There are many beautiful areas on The Brick House grounds, so you can be sure to capture the moment.

Another way to make memories for your beloved young lady is to create a memory wall. Here you can display your family tree, pictures of your daughter throughout her life, highlight her talents, family members during their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, and many other images. You can invite your attendees to bring any photos they would like to share regarding your young miss.

Also, you could have a wish bowl or scrapbook or box. Doing so is a lovely way to write encouraging words and wishes for their future; your daughter can look back and read in times of need or when she may require words of encouragement for a troubling time.

The Menu 

One of the benefits of choosing The Brick House in Wyckoff –one of the best bat mitzvah venues in NJ—is their combination venue space and full-scale restaurant. Take advantage of The Brick House as it is both a fantastic party location and it will satisfy all of your catering needs. Having a venue that is your one-stop place is convenient during this challenging time to make sure your little girl’s night is beyond exceptional.

Now keep in mind, this celebration may be primarily for your daughter, but we can’t leave out the parents and older honored guests. The Brick House has two exquisite menus to satisfy every palate. For the younger party-goers, there are fun finger foods like pig-in-a blanket and pretzel nuggets. Build-your-own taco station is a fun concept that each guest will enjoy. There are many other items for every taste bud, and you will have delighted guests. Let’s not forget the parents that have come along for fun. There is the option for an exquisite cocktail hour, complete with canapes, spring rolls, and mini crab cakes. How could you lose? They also offer some fantastic buffet-style appetizers that even some young guests may want to sneak bites of. The Brick House does offer an adult sit-down lunch as well, but let’s be honest, kids are going to snack and run to the fun.

The Speech

Before the night gets too far removed from the reason you have all gathered, it is time to deliver your speech to your extraordinary young lady. The words you say tonight will have an impact on all your party guests as they are here to honor your daughter. Surely, with all the preparations, you may become nervous in delivering a moving speech to your daughter. So, here are some key points you may want to include for a great address.

First, you need an introduction. Your words don’t have to be elaborate; it’s a way to welcome and thank all who have come out to see your daughter. The introduction doesn’t need to be lengthy; this is to prepare for the heart of your delivery.

Next, you may want to draw upon your own bar or bat mitzvah memories. Share how much it meant to you and your parents to celebrate yours and how you have been looking forward to sharing this moment with your daughter.

You could even speak on some fun memories as your daughter has grown up, her likes, accomplishments, and so much more. You may want to share a story or two of you and your daughter that you feel would be well received.

Finally, you want to end your speech with not only your daughter feeling loved and proud, but you want your guests to feel this love as well. It’s always a great ending to pull on those heartstrings – tears signify accomplishment! Just remember that your speech is coming from the heart, and it’s more of a message between you and your daughter. Your words will stay with her for the rest of her life; you will know what to say. And practice, practice, practice!!! You don’t need to read your speech word for word—however, having the notes to each section and some keywords or phrases will be enough to prompt you to deliver a fantastic speech.

The Gift

A party isn’t a party unless you receive gifts. Presents to give your modern daughter are more fun than some of the more standard offerings of her bat mitzvah. If money is gifted, suggest that it is in increments of 18, as this is a significant and lucky number in the Jewish faith. Cash is the more common “chai” to receive. Jewelry is another gift that is always acceptable such as chai necklace in their favorite metal of either gold or silver. What little girl wouldn’t want a piece of jewelry to begin her collection?

Is she more of a 21st century type of girl? Then perhaps a phone case with “Keep Calm It’s My Bat Mitzvah” is always fun. If she likes keychains, then the Traveler’s Prayer Keychain is perfect. Inside is a scroll of the Old Testament prayer of protection. Other gifts that would be lovely are a personalized keepsake box to keep all essential items in one place or even a Hamsa dish. No matter what presents your daughter receives, she will be thoroughly happy.

With all this information under your belt, planning your daughter’s bat mitzvah will go smoothly and near stress-free, especially if you take advantage of all that The Brick House can offer as one of the best bat mitzvah venues in NJ. All you need to do now is focus on the fabulous night ahead and the delightful memories made.

Mazel tov!



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