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Ever Consider Working for Caterers in Bergen County NJ? Great part-time college jobs to consider

As a college student in New Jersey, you might find that your pockets are far from overflowing. Outside of the blessed few, most look forward to student loans and other debt, even if you are already living your day-to-day by eating Top Ramen and learning to take the bus because you can’t afford to put gas in your car. Whatever the situation may be, having a job in college is usually a necessity. Of course, there are a large variety of options, but finding a flexible job that doesn’t conflict with your class schedule and studying might be more difficult.

Whether or not your part-time job matches your goals for a full-time career, having work experience is always a good idea. For example, there are plenty of skills and services that you can learn that will look excellent on your resume. Simply the responsibility of maintaining a job looks good on the old resume, and it will look even nicer under that beautiful sentence that describes the degree you earned in college.

Here are a few flexible part-time job options that will help you develop skills desirable for your future.

  1. Barista

Being a barista is a great option for any college student. On one hand, most coffee shops and cafés are eager to hire college students, as they are looking for young, energetic people who need part-time jobs. Sound like anyone you know?

Being a barista actually requires quite a bit of skill. There is so much more beyond the basic knowledge of how to make a wide variation of drinks, which is a lot, when you think about it. Beyond needing to develop drink-making skills quickly, you also have to learn people skills! If you’ve been to any coffee house lately, you know that there are calm moments, and then there are insane rushes. Part of this job conditions you to work under stressful conditions, as well as develop people skills. You will meet a wide variety of interesting customers. Take these opportunities to work on your customer relations by being respectful and communicative.

Additionally, many coffee shops have work shift options starting from very early in the morning, so you could even squeeze in a shift before classes even start. Getting a jump on your day is a great way to set a productive pace, AND it gives you a great experience to tell future hires that you have the ability to show up bright and early on time and ready to work every day.

  1. Working for caterers in Bergen County, New Jersey

Another option might be to work for a caterer . Caterers in Bergen County, NJ tend to be on the hunt for students with part-time availability, as they need people available to work late afternoon to evening shifts. Furthermore, caterers tend to work weekend events and have heavier event traffic in the summer – typically when college students are more readily available.

There are also quite a few skills developed when you work for caterers in Bergen County, NJ. Again, people skills are required, but another skill would be understanding management operations. Sometimes, things are miscommunicated or there seems to be a shortage of one thing or another. It will be up to you and your peers to work together to solve this issue at hand, and this is done by knowing the your job functions, teamwork, communication, quick-thinking problem-solving.

  1. Tutoring

If you find yourself to be very confident in a certain subject or class offered at the college you attend, you might want to consider being a tutor for your peers. Whether you offer your services by yourself or work through a tutoring company on campus, you should be able to manage your availability regarding when you are able to work verses when you need to work on your own education.

Tutoring polishes up the resume in a few ways. One, if you are successful, it will look amazing on your rescue that you have teaching skills. This symbolizes patience and understanding, which are both attractive features in a potential employee or business partner. It also shows that you are excellent at whatever the subject is that you teach to others. For example, if it is a class in financing, and your resume says that you tutored someone else in financing, that might be an extremely impressive quality to have, of course depending on whatever career you intend to pursue.

  1. Working at an assisted living facility

This one might seem unexpected, but assisted living facilities are also attracted to college students as they usually need people for part-time shifts. There is usually a wider variety of jobs offered within an assisted living facility, like servers for the dining hall, front desk concierges, or even part-time care givers. Each one of these jobs serves a different function, and each one also looks nice on your resume. Often, within these facilities, you might even be trained to do multiple jobs, and you can be called to practice multiple skills within one job.

Perhaps the best skill developed is the ability to act quickly and efficiently in emergency conditions. No matter what job within the assisted living facility you are hired for, it is very likely you will be trained on what to do in case of an emergency situation regarding one of your elderly residents. It might even end up on your shoulders to save a life. Now, while that sentence maybe shouldn’t be directly quoted onto your resume, the phrase “has had to act fast and efficiently under emergency situations” might inspire your interviewer to ask a question or two, which you can then choose explain whatever situation you deem appropriate.

  1. Working at a bookstore or public library

Libraries and bookstores may also seem a bit cliché, but they still have a lot of helpful contributions to your career-intended resume. These operations might hire you as a college student because of your availability as well as their trust that you know the value of books and literature. Whether or not this is actually the case, the job shouldn’t be one that is too hard to get.

The main skill developed here is organization. Libraries can carry anywhere to a few thousand to a million books. It will be a huge responsibility of you, as a part-time librarian, to be knowledgeable regarding the location of such books. It will also be up to you to learn how to be resourceful, as many people from every background imaginable will be coming to you, asking for your help in finding books, authors, topics, you name it. Resourcefulness and organization are both extremely attractive qualities when considering candidates for an interview, so considering this job might be one of your best bets.

  1. Working at an elementary school

By seeking employment at an elementary school after school program, you should really make sure you have the patience and the maturity to handle this job, as taking care of kids is tiring, not even mentioning the work it takes to keep them entertained. This one might be slightly difficult in regards to having conflict with your college class schedule, but if this is not an issue, working at an after-school program can be really fun, as well as beneficial.

Although it is nearly the opposite of working at an assisted living facility, some of the skills developed are the same. Beyond just patience, the knowledge of handling an emergency situation is also very important. Also, the responsibility for the life of a child is very serious, so responsibility is an incredible skill to have on paper as one developed through experience.

  1. Working as a receptionist.

Lastly, working as a receptionist is a great way to develop office skills. Communication, respect, responsibility, and many other skills are defined and strengthened through this job. Especially if you are looking forward to a career involving office work and management, this job is not a shabby one to have.

The one questionable aspect of the position of a receptionist is that it tends to be more often a full-time position than a part-time position. As a college student, you might find a receptionist job that is part-time, but it is for a company or business that you don’t have much interest in. At the end of the day, you will still develop those skills, so if you are hired, you should make the most of it.


There are many part-time jobs available to students in college. Job opportunities come in a huge variety, some more appealing than others. Honestly, a job is a job, and experience is experience, so you can work anywhere and feel no shame about placing that job your resume. And rightfully so! But depending on what career you feel like you have a calling towards in the future, you might want to consider pursuing a part-time job that can help you polish those skills that your shiny future career calls for.


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