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Planning a Wedding & Rehearsal Dinner in Bergen County, NJ? Tasks You Can Accomplish in Quarantine

Planning a Wedding & Rehearsal Dinner in Bergen County, NJ? Tasks You Can Accomplish in Quarantine

Weddings and rehearsal dinners may be postponed, but love is certainly never cancelled. For those of you engaged during the unprecedented coronavirus times, you can actually focus on the many silver linings of planning a wedding and rehearsal dinner during this unique time.

Not only are you staying closer to home and spending more time with your fiancé, you are likely finding yourself with more spare time on your hands. And let’s be honest – wedding planning is a time-consuming task! It can already be a bit stressful to plan the perfect wedding and rehearsal dinner in Bergen County, NJ, so take advantage of this extra down time and get the following tasks done and done!

Without having many social distractions, you can truly hone in, take the time to do plenty of research, and perfect these tasks. And hey, you may even have enough time to do a few things that you weren’t even planning on doing!

1) Finalize Vendors

The perfect first step, that once done, will provide a huge sigh of relief: finalizing vendors.

Refer to your master checklist and see what still needs to be done. Now is the perfect time to nail down that DJ who you’ve been meaning to reach out to, book that restaurant for your rehearsal dinner in Bergen County, NJ, and contact the florist with the stunning portfolio.

Social distancing does not have to be a hindrance thanks to modern technology. So many businesses have transferred their work over to Zoom and other virtual platforms, making it easy for you to still meet and chat. If anything, vendors are wanting to impress and book clients more than ever. When you book your final vendors, be sure to include a postponement policy in the contract.

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2) Reach out to established vendors

It is also a great time to gather all of your contracts, organize them, and double check on postponement policies and rescheduling stipulations. Touch base with your vendors to see how they are handling any new event regulations. Are they willing to work with you if you choose to have your wedding with only half of the original guest count? Will they honor your deposit for a later date? If you have a wedding planner, they will come in handy here, and help you navigate these waters with ease.

3) Rehearse First Dance

Not all tasks are done on the computer! Turn a night at home into a romantic and fun date night. Play your favorite slow dance songs and invite your fiancé to dance away in your living room. See which song is most fitting for a first dance and rehearse some fun dance moves to wow your guests with. With the extra time at home, you may even choose an extra song to dance to at your rehearsal dinner. Bergen County, NJ has some great radio stations to help inspire the musical selection.

4) Create a playlist

Cooking more during quarantine? Working on the house? Sitting around doing nothing? All of these tasks are enhanced with music in the background. Start paying attention to your favorite songs and create a large playlist for your wedding weekend. You can eventually share it with your DJ so he gets a feel for what he should play during the reception. Additionally, you can use the playlist throughout the weekend, like while the bridal party is getting ready, or during the rehearsal dinner in Bergen County, NJ.

5) DIY decor

This task may excite some, and it may really turn others off. If you are not a crafter, then don’t even worry about this task. But if you are into DIY craft projects – it is time to get creative and get some energy out! Some projects can be done solo, and others can be a joint project for you and your fiancé. Some ideas include building an arbor to exchange I Do’s under, make a guest book for guests to sign, or make a fun montage of photos and videos of you and your fiancé. You can share this video at the rehearsal dinner. Bergen County, NJ has some craft stores open for curbside pick-up, so be sure to check out your options and support small businesses when possible.

6) Organize guest list

Finalize your guest list! Gather all of the street addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for each of your guests. This will make it easy to send out that invitation when the time comes, send out a postponement announcement (should it be necessary!), or send the save the dates if you haven’t done so yet.

7) Update guests with any changes

It is so important to keep your guests in the loop. Many may be wondering if the wedding is still going on as planned, or if you are pushing the date back. Even if you are holding off on making a final decision, it may be wise to tell your guests what date you will have that decision made by.

8) Plan out welcome gift baskets

The out of town guests will greatly appreciate a welcome basket upon arrival. It is common to include some daily essentials, like bottled water, a map of the local area, restaurant and activity suggestions, and some light snacks. With the occurring pandemic, you may want to also include a travel sized hand sanitizer, and some suggestions of small local businesses to support, like your favorite restaurants of Bergen County, NJ.

9) Craft a special cocktail

During this pandemic many of us are really missing nights out drinking with our friends. Take this extra time at home to work on your own drink making skills, so you can have a stand out personalized adult beverage at your wedding or rehearsal dinner. Bergen County, NJ is no stranger to craft cocktails, fine wine and good beer. Test out your own skills and make a fun drink recipe that feels special to you and your sweetie. You can then have your bartending service make and serve this custom drink to your guests at the reception or rehearsal dinner.

10) Finalize bridal party color palette

You and your fiancé can sit down over some beer or wine and hash out what color palette you want for the bridal party. Use Pinterest, or discuss with your wedding planner to get some inspiration. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the groom himself should all be coordinated. Take into account what flowers you will have and the color palette for the arbor and table set ups.

10) Make Your Registry

Online shopping has become quite the necessity lately. Use those online shopping skills, coupled with the extra time you are spending in your home, to assess what home goods you’d love to receive from the guests. Don’t forget to include small businesses where you can to help support the economy. If you’re not feeling very commodity based, feel free to create a registry that offers guests to pitch in for experiences instead of items.  A honeymoon fund is a great example.

11) Build Your Website

Speaking of your registry – your website is a crucial part of the planning process. Not only are you and your fiancé planning a wedding, but many of your guests are planning a vacation to come be a part of your special day. A website will make it easier on both you and your guests in terms of exchanging important information like travel specifications, accommodations, weekend schedule, and sharing your registry.

12) Write Your Vows

Pour yourself a glass of wine, get cozy on the couch, and turn on your creative side. Not everyone opts for writing their own vows, but it truly is a heartwarming and beautiful touch. Professing your love to the love of your life, and all of the promises that come with it, is the most romantic way to begin your marriage. As you write your vows, take the time to reflect on what marriage means to you, what the strengths of your partner are, and how you will be there to support them.

13) Flower Research

The flowers at your wedding will likely be one of the most defining parts of the decor. From the textures, to the colors, to the scents, flowers are endlessly variable and incredibly romantic. Take some time to dive deep into the world of wedding flowers so you can offer detailed input to your florist. They will likely be quite impressed with your new found knowledge and clear decision-making skills.

14) Plan your dream honeymoon

While right now may not be the time to travel, it certainly may be the perfect time to plan your dream travels! A honeymoon somewhere tropical? Feeling like a trip to the desert? Maybe somewhere more local than you would have originally anticipated? For those that don’t feel like planning a trip abroad quite yet, luckily, there are so many diverse landscapes within our own country.

Either way, most airlines and rental agencies have flexible booking policies – though always be sure and double check. Who said you need to honeymoon directly after the wedding? It might be safest to plan for a future date when travel is more of a likely bet. But for now…the daydreaming and meticulous planning can fill evening hours.

As you can see, there are quite a few tasks you can get done during quarantine. In fact, many of you may feel less stressed as there is more time to make a lot of these big decisions. Your marriage will last you a lifetime, and quarantine is just temporary. So focus on your love, and your dream wedding will surely follow suit.

And Congratulations from The Brick House!

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