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Daydreaming of Throwing a Post-Quarantine Party with the Best Caterers in Bergen County NJ? Make It a Success

Dreaming of Throwing a Post-Quarantine Party with the Best Caterers in Bergen County, NJ? Make It a Success with These Tips!


There is a fine line between daydreaming and planning. Planning refers to a very practical approach to future plans. Daydreaming is a fun and exciting future plan that may or may not happen. But when you are stuck in quarantine, self-isolating, cooking each and every meal, not seeing people in real life, your planning may focus on all the amazing and fun things to look forward to. And that, my friend, is called daydreaming about throwing an awesome party post-quarantine! Except that this guide will make your day dreams actually happen!

Clearly, we can’t throw parties now, but getting ahead of the game and making plans for an epic party when things go back to normal will give you and all of your friends and family something to look forward to. You probably have a lot more time on your hands now, meaning you can truly pay attention to all the party details. Attending the party will surely be a blast, but the planning and daydreaming can be fun and enjoyable, too!

When you ask someone the most important factor of throwing a good party you will get one resounding answer – the food! And included in food, is of course, the beverages. The caterers in Bergen County, NJ vary in expertise and specialty. To kill two birds with one stone, choose a caterer that stands out in not just their food menus, but their drink menus as well. The Brick House has a decadent wine list along with outstanding food.


Choosing one of the best caterers in Bergen County

Food and drink are celebratory, necessary, and often set the stage for talking and catching up. After quarantining for who knows how long, everyone will be so excited to see others in person and get deep into conversation. Enjoying a leisurely meal – a meal that you do not have to personally cook or clean up from – will give you and your party guests adequate time and a comfortable setting for catching up. People have been cooking more than ever during quarantine. Many cannot wait to take a break from the kitchen, so having a catered party will feel like such treat!

So how do you sift through all the options of caterers in Bergen County? Begin with a google search and note taking. Look for a caterer that is experienced, willing to work with you on your needs, and one that seems passionate about what they do!


The Food Menu

One of the most obvious places to start when choosing amongst the caterers of Bergen County, is with the food menus. Look at the options for brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert to get an idea of the caterers’ style. You do not need a giant menu – more importantly you need a few dishes that really stand out. With most of society spending way more time cooking than normal in the past few months, you want to choose a caterer with a unique yet approachable menu. Go for dishes that most people aren’t going to cook at home.

For example, take a look at some options from The Brick House – one of the best restaurants and caterers in Bergen County.

Unique cuts of meat or high-end seafood options that are hard to find at your average grocery store will surely excite your guests:


Frenched Rack of Rib of Pink, Milk-Fed Veal, So Tender it Cuts with just a Touch”



Enjoy this Northeastern Delicacy, Baked & Stuffed, Steamed or Broiled”



A Delicacy Gently Sautéed in Red Wine, Garlic Butter and Herbs, Served in a Puff Pastry Shell”

Other dishes have technical approaches that most people will not be attempting to create at home:


A Favorite from Southern Louisiana, Scallops, Lobster Tails, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels & Salmon Stewed in a Vegetable & Pernod Fish Broth”



Thinly Sliced Beef, Lemon, Olive Oil, Shaved Parmigiana on a Bed of Arugula”

These dishes, among their many other stand-out options, are sure to impress your guests while delighting their taste buds.

Keep in mind, there are many ways to incorporate food into a party. You can do a sit-down meal with entrees – whether family style or buffet. Alternatively, you can opt for passed tapas, a snack bar, or a stationary appetizer table. There are so many options and most caterers in Bergen County will be accommodating to your needs.


The Drink Menu

Before the meal, during the meal, and after the meal you can rest assured that your guests will be drinking. It is certainly no true party without the drinks flowing and the guests feeling relaxed, carefree, and cheery. A defining factor to differentiate among the best caterers in Bergen County, will be their knowledge of beer, wine, and spirits. A proper meal needs to be accompanied by the appropriate wines and beverage options. The right wine will not only highlight the meal, but it will impress the guests.

The Brick House is run by an Italian chef with a passion and deep understanding of wine and how to pair it best with food. The guidance and expertise of chef Aldo Cascio and his team will surely help make your post-quarantine party memorable!



Beyond food and drink, check in with the caterers of Bergen County to see what extras they may offer. Some may have unique add-ons, like cigar bars, exclusive beverage infusions or craft cocktails, or even connections with other vendors.

Other questions to consider…Do they help with set-up and take down? Will they provide linens, dining ware, tables or chairs? Can they help with decor and design of the drink and food areas? Maybe these are details you definitely want help with, and maybe some of these details are fun for you to figure out on your own. Just be sure to know what you are signing up for in your contract with the caterer!


The Staff & Service

The staff of the catering team will be around you and your guests through out the party, serving hors devours, food, and drink. Make sure to meet the team, even if virtually for now, to ensure that they will be pleasant, fun and helpful. You want to make them feel included and a part of this party so that they want to return the hospitality to you and your guests.


Other factors to consider when throwing a great party

While exquisite food and drink greatly contribute to the perfect post-quarantine party, there are other factors to consider:

The music

Quarantine life has certainly caused most of society to feel cooped up, antsy, and ready to get out and mingle. Dancing in a crowd of all your favorite people?! Wow that feels like a true daydream come true. Create a playlist of your favorite party songs while you are at home during the quarantine. Make sure to choose songs for all the different moods of the night. Music that accompanies dinner will vary greatly from music that accompanies a dance party or even from the music at the end of the night when things wind down.

Not into creating your own playlist? Hire a DJ or band for some serious dancing. The element of live music and/or an MC is a sure way to get your guests dancing, grooving, and singing along to favorites. Choosing a DJ or band that accepts musical requests will keep the guests involved and excited to hear their favorite tunes.

The ambiance

If you choose the right venue for your party, then the ambiance factor will easily fall into place. While the food and drink are discernible components of crafting the perfect party, the right ambiance is a bit more subtle. Lighting, decor, and setting all have an influence on the mood. Will this party be out in the sunshine? With picnic tables and lawn games? Or is this a classy evening affair with more formal attire, a piano player, and passed hors d’œuvrés? You can’t go wrong here – just make sure you are intentional with the details

The company

Most of society is greatly missing all their family and friends in these unprecedented times. A Zoom call, or a FaceTime hardy suffice when it comes to spending true quality time with people. This party is going to be the perfect antidote to all this time spent sheltering in place. Make a list of who you want at your party. Do you want this party to be a bit more intimate? Maybe only 20 closest friends and family so you can truly catch up with each guest? Or do you want to throw a wild party where your motto is the more the merrier? Once again, you can’t go wrong here – just take the time to think this out.

Games & Entertainment

While games and entertainment are not necessary, they can certainly take your party up to the next level. If kids will be at your party, games are definitely recommended to keep them occupied and out of trouble. But let’s be real – all ages love playing games and being entertained. Lawn games for a daytime party, like corn hole or darts can be a hit. Drinking games like beer pong and flip cup can be great ice breakers. Giant Jenga or Connect-4 are fun for all ages, as well. Entertainment can come in the form of magicians, clowns, belly dancers, or live music!


Hopefully your daydreams of a post-quarantine party feel more realistic after seeing what it takes to throw a great party. Start with the most important factors first. Check out the caterers of Bergen county, like The Brick House, and then move on to music and the other details. Stay home, stay safe, for now, so that you can throw an epic party, later!

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