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9 Questions You Need to Ask When Picking the Best Restaurants Bergen County

Whether you are celebrating a big milestone such as a wedding or retirement party, or simply an evening out with friends, knowing what the best restaurants Bergen County are will not just ensure you have a great time but lasting memories you’ll fondly look back on.

Nonetheless, it can be tricky trying to find the perfect Bergen County restaurant that meets everyone’s needs. Which is why you need to ask yourself these questions to determine which Bergen County restaurant is the best for your party and the celebration.

1. What is the celebration?

Let’s face it; your needs are going to be different depending on the type of celebration you are hosting. In general, a wedding rehearsal means more party members, potentially wedding decorations, and even a private hosting space.

Whereas a birthday party with close family and friends means less people and a more casual vibe.

When it comes to a large milestone like a wedding, you are normally looking at a restaurant that can hold 100 plus people, which most likely means you need to rent out a separate private room in advance.

It also usually entails formal attire so the restaurant needs to have more of an elegant vibe and the menu should be higher end, with several other amenities like alcohol and even a cigar bar.

Smaller (yet equally important) milestones such as birthdays are a little more flexible. The environment is more laid back and less formal. And, you can afford to have less expensive menu options.

While we recommend that you play it safe and book a reservation in case the restaurant is crowded, you most likely won’t have to do so weeks or months in advance as you would with a wedding or other large celebration.

In fact, if it is last minute and the party is small, you may be able to go to the restaurant on the spot without a reservation and sneak in a booth. (However, to avoid waiting for 45 to 60 minutes, we encourage that you make it a point to book a reservation.)

2. What are your party’s food preferences?

Not every one of the best restaurants Bergen County is going to offer vegetarian-, vegan, or gluten-friendly options. In which case, if you know one or two (or even several) of your party has these food preferences, you may want to call in advance about the menu selection.

That way, you know your friends will have something to eat that they enjoy at the restaurant. Instead of silently picking at their food, looking uncomfortable.

(If you don’t know your party’s food preferences, know that it is approrpriate and socially acceptable for you to send a brief email or text about everyone’s food choices. In fact, your party may feel more comfortable with the evening knowing that you have everything covered.)

3. What is the average age of your party?

In other words, are you celebrating your child’s seventh birthday party? Or are you taking your friend out for dinner for his or her thirtieth? There is a difference.

When it comes to your child’s seventh birthday party, you are going to be watching several 6-8 years olds. So it may not be appropriate—or fun— for your child and his or her friends, not to mention the other guests, if you go to a formal restaurant.

(And, on the off chance that you do go, your child and his or her friends may not appreciate the high end menu section, let alone the several coursed meal.)

Now, this type of setting may be perfect to celebrate your friend’s milestone birthday. In general, the younger the average age is, the better it is to go to a less formal restaurant.

4. Franchise or no franchise?

While franchise restaurants have a number of benefits—such as knowing the menu and reputation—it isn’t as unique and personable of an experience as a non-franchised, family-owned restaurant.

Not only is the service going to be more personable but the food will be one of a kind. Of course, it comes down to what you are celebrating and for whom. If it is your brother’s twenty-third birthday and his favorite restaurant is a franchise, why not call up the restaurant and book a reservation?

On the other hand, if it is a huge milestone event (as we mentioned, a wedding or rehearsal dinner), unless the couple truly enjoys a certain franchise, it may be in their best interest for the party to be held at a family-owned restaurant in order to have that unique and special ambiance.

5. Do you want to have special amenities?

Depending on the restaurant, you may be offered special amenities like cigars, a wide selection of alcohol, or a dance floor. If your party overall enjoys and wants these amenities, consider this the next time you are looking for best restaurants Bergen County.

Considering the celebration, it may be fun to host a party at a restaurant with a cigar lounge or one that specifically has a special events planner to handle all of the details of your celebration. Which brings us to the next question…

6. How special is your dinner?

Is it an evening out on the town with friends or family? Or is it a milestone night? Knowing this will help you determine which restaurant you should go to. If it is formal and special, a restaurant that has a special events planner and team that handles special events may be preferrable.

If it is not as formal, you may be able to get away with your standard restaurant where servers and hosts can help you out.

7. How late do you plan on your dinner lasting?

Normally, the more formal the occasion, the longer it lasts. Nonetheless, you could be catching up with longtime friends and family you haven’t seen in months (or years). In which case the dinner may be longer.

In general, consider the occasion and, to play it safe, add one to two hours on to your time. That way, if friends or family come late, you do not have to rush your order or the evening, and can sit back and relax and enjoy the festivities.

8. Who are you inviting?

Are you inviting just family? Just friends? Both? Your partner? Or coworkers? In general, who you invite determines where you will be having the dinner.

If you are just inviting family, depending on the occasion, a casual setting with comfy booths and medium-level noise may be fine. If just friends or coworkers, perhaps a bar atmosphere with music?

For your partner, a romantic night out on the town may be perfect. In which case an upscale, quieter, yet personable restaurant will suffice.

(Nonetheless, at the end of the day, you know your party best and what his or her restaurant preferences are. What we are tryng to say is choose a restaurant Bergen County that will make your entire party feel at home and welcomed.)

9. How many courses?

Traditionally, the more formal the meal, the more courses you have. The meal could be celebrating an engagement or welcoming friends or family home after moving back to the area?

If you are having an elegant meal, usually there are at least three to four courses, which includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

On the contrary, if the meal is less formal (think a Friday evening out with your family or friends), perhaps a single-course meal will suffice.

Final Thoughts: Choosing Best Restaurants Bergen County

Choosing the best restaurant Bergen County does not have to entail nights looking up reviews and calling up restaurants. If you know your party’s needs and what the special occasion is, you can find what you want in a matter of minutes.

Use these questions to help you with this process. We can assure you that you will have a great evening out no matter what restaurant you choose. How do you choose your resautarnt? What makes a good restaurant in Bergen County a good restaurant? Be sure to leave your comments below in the comments section.


  • When it comes to choosing best restaurants Bergen County, it is all about knowing your party’s restaurant wants and needs
  • Consider what the celebration is; in general, the larger the celebration, the more formal the restaurant
  • Take note of all of your party’s food preferences. Some of your party might be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten intolerant
  • The average age of your party will determine how formal of a setting the restaurant will be; a good rule of thumb is the more formal, the older the age
  • Unless the celebration is for a specific person who’s favorite restaurant is a franchise, consider trying family-owned best restaurants Bergen County
  • Consider restaurants that offer special amenities like a cigar lounge, wide array of alcohol, and a dance floor
  • How special the dinner is often times can determine how late your party will be staying
  • Give yourself an hour or two leeway so that you can accommodate late guests
  • Who you’re inviting matters; best restaurants Bergen County that are perfect for family may not be the best one for friends or coworkers
  • When it comes to formal courses, you are safe sticking with three to four

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