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Leading Restaurants with Private Rooms Bergen County NJ Presents: The Brick House Cigar Lounge

Cigars. They’re infamous on the God Father. Associated with wealth and extravagance, cigars have been around for centuries. While many attribute cigars with Cuba (the Cuban cigar still reigns as the number one cigar), according to TIME, cigars were originally found on Mayan pottery in Guatemala from the 10th century. In fact, the word “cigar” may have come from the Mayan word for “smoking,” “sikar.”[1]

This is but one of the many interesting facts that make cigars enticing. Read on to learn:

  • The history behind the cigar
  • Cigar: health & safety
  • Cigar basics: How to smoke a cigar to taste the most flavor
  • What food and beverage pair well with cigars
  • How to determine cigar quality
  • And more…

(Plus, check out the Brick House, one of the leading restaurants with private rooms Bergen County NJ; we offer our guests access to our special cigar lounge, which is accessible from the main bar.)

The History Behind the Cigar

Other than the Mayans in the 10th century, Columbus came across tobacco when he came to the Americas in 1492. From there, Spain became the leading provider in tobacco. Eventually, the tobacco industry exploded in the United States. Tampa, Florida became known as the “Cigar City” in the 90s.[2] Perhaps it’s not a coincidence given Florida is the closest state to cigar capital of the world, Cuba.

The cigar industry is still booming. In 2013 alone, 12.4 million people in the United States consider themselves cigar smokers.[3] Large cigars, cigarillos, and little cigars remain as three of the most popular cigars in the US.[4]

Cigar Precursor: Health and Safety

Before we continue with the rest of the article, it’s important to know that smoking cigars have been linked with lung cancer and poor health. And that smoking cigars around others, especially near young children can have negative health consequences, including second-hand smoking. Also, know that, like other tobacco products, the nicotine in cigars is addicting.

Cigar Basics: How to Smoke a Cigar to Take the Most Flavor

Cigars are to be enjoyed and revered, not smoked in a couple of minutes. It’s best to smoke one in the company of others. And we recommend enjoying one of our delicious steaks and a glass of red wine to go along with it.

Instead of gulping the smoke, you want to taste the flavor in your mouth. When you do inhale the smoke, make sure you keep your lips in a small O and take a short puff. Remember, the goal isn’t to have the smoke reach your lungs but to enrapt the inside of your mouth.

Have the smoke circulate the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue before you blow it out. Again, you want the smoke to linger to best preserve the taste.

How to Determine the Quality of a Cigar

There are several factors that determine whether a cigar is of good quality or if it’s average (or even sub par). Construction, the strength of the nicotine, draw, burn, feel, and appearance needs to be weighed in. Of these, ThoughtCo states the number one determiner is flavor.[5]

Cigar flavors range from salty and peppery, to sweet and spicy. Like wine, aged cigars taste better. However, unlike the alcoholic beverage, good cigars have aged around 2 years.

On the other hand, similar to batches of beer (and wine), every cigar is different. Like each beer having slightly more hops or less yeast, the same type of cigar may have a deeper or lighter tobacco flavor.

Also, what many may not know is that other factors need to be taken into consideration other than the cigar itself. For instance, smoking the cigar in the company of others, as well as the type of food and beverage will determine the experience.[6]

A Note to the Cigar Aficionado

In addition, know that there is no one good cigar. Each and every individual has their own tastes. While you may enjoy a less expensive cigar, others may enjoy the more expensive ones. Sweeter, bitter, expensive, inexpensive, it doesn’t matter.

Cigar Pairings: What Food and Beverages Pair Well with Cigars

Below are our recommendations for cigar pairings based on our menus. Know that if you have any questions or comments about recommendations and menu options, call the Brick House, one of the leading restaurants with private rooms Bergen County NJ.

Fruity Cigar Paired with Our Live Main Lobster

This is a delicious pairing. The sweetness of the cigar cuts in half the fattiness and juiciness of the fresh lobster. Gently baked and steamed, the creaminess of this northeastern delicacy brings out the soft smoking cigar flavors.

Drink a darker, slightly bitter red wine—such as one of our merlots—to contrast against the cigar’s fruitiness. (We recommend our Sterling Vintner’s Collection Merlot from wine groves of California.)

Bitter Cigar Paired with Our T-Bone Steak

The deep, bitter flavors of the tobacco leaves bring out the savory-ness and richness of the T-Bone steak. We recommend that you take one bite of the corn-fed midwestern steak first. And then take a puff from the bitter cigar in order to really mix in the flavors.

To add more delicious flavors to your palette, we’d complement the pairing with a light chardonnay. The bubbliness and airiness of the chardonnay, like with the merlot, contradicts the rich and bitter flavors of the steak and cigar. (One of our personal favorites is our Simi Chardonnay from beautiful Sonoma, California.)

Peppery Cigar Paired With Our Chicken a La Roger

Puff a peppery flavored cigar while devours our dinner entree, the chicken a la Roger. We chose this pairing because both the cigar and glazed chicken enhance the spicy flavors in each. The spiciness of the cigar complements the hot cherry peppers on the sauteed chicken breast. Meanwhile, the earthiness from the onions and potatoes deliciously compliments the cigar’s spiciness.

To cool your palette down from the rich, spicy flavors, we recommend a refreshing drink of our Villa Rosa Gavi Di Gavi from beautiful Piemonte, Italy.) Being an Italian white, the wine, like coffee beans with perfume, will neutralize your palette, enhancing the spicy flavors from cigar and chicken all over again.

Smooth Cigar Paired With Our Shrimp Scampi

Taste the smoothness of the cigar and then take a mouth-watering bite of our Shrimp Scampi. The creaminess from the butter and garlic mixed with the sweetness of the white wine sauce blends with the smooth tobacco flavors.

Add one more flavor to your palette by enjoying a refreshing glass of pinot noir. The richness of the wine will cut into the creaminess of the scampi and smooth cigar. (From our menu, we recommend our classic pinot noir, Mark West Pinot Noir from on the west coast waters of Califnia.)

Consider Checking Out our Luxurious Cigar Lounge

At the Brick House, one of the best restaurants with private rooms Bergen County NJ, our cigar lounge brings luxuriousness to the next level.

It’s easily accessible from the main bar, which makes it convenient to go back and forth from the bar. Then again, you and your friends can sit and enjoy the evening in one of our comfortable booths.

While you enjoy your cigars, watch sports from our several flat screen TVs strategically positioned around the lounge to enhance your viewing experience.

Instead of enduring crowds of people, sit back and relax while still enjoying the club-like atmosphere. Feel free to enjoy one of our pairings we mentioned in the convenience of the exclusive cigar lounge. Or you can make your way to our dining halls after relishing your cigar.

Know that we offer several different types of luxury cigars, ranging in price and flavor. We can assure you that no matter your taste, you’ll find the perfect cigar for you.

Overall, our cigar lounge offers the best of both worlds: the ease and comfort of a dining atmosphere mixed with the entertainment from the TVs and surrounding people. Treat yourself and spend the night in absolute luxury.

If you have any comments or questions about our cigar lounge, the Brick House, one of the most refined restaurants with private rooms Bergen County NJ, can help you.


  • Contrary to what many believe, cigars were thought to have come from Guatemala; they were found on a Mayan pot made in the 10th century
  • Columbus too came across tobacco when he made his way to the Americas
  • Soon, Spain was booming in the tobacco industry
  • Eventually, the tobacco industry spread to the US
  • Please know that while cigars can be enjoyable, they are highly linked to ill health effects such as lung cancer
  • Refrain from spreading second-hand smoking
  • Smoking a cigar is about enjoying the taste; let the taste linger in the mouth
  • Price does not matter when it comes to cigars
  •  Similar to wine and beer, every cigar is different
  • Enjoy some of our cigars with our delicious dinner entrees
  • We encourage you to check out our luxurious cigar lounge for a club-like yet cozy atmosphere

Contact us for more information, as well as booking a private room for a special event!


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