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Traditional & Unique Themes for a Memorable Wedding at Venues in Bergen County, NJ

Traditional & Unique Themes for a Memorable Wedding at Venues in Bergen County, NJ

Are you planning a wedding in Bergen County, New Jersey? Peruse these themes to inspire your wedding day! Themes are great not only because they can make your wedding more cohesive, but also because they provide a couple the opportunity to reflect on how they perceive themselves.

Your marriage lasts a lifetime, while your wedding lasts one day that will likely fly by in a heartbeat. The planning, on the other hand, can be a long and arduous process. This process, however, can and should be a creative and fun journey. Choosing a specific wedding theme has many benefits. It makes decisions easier, it helps the creative juices flow, and most importantly it creates a memorable wedding celebration for you and your guests. The theme will influence your wedding dress, decor, color palette, lighting, flowers, party favors, and even the menu.

Each couple is unique, so picking a theme will help you two express who you are! The combination of the right theme, paired with the right wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, is really what it all boils down to. The Brick House offers a state of the art wedding venue to create the beautiful wedding you’ve been dreaming of–whatever the theme!


How do I get started?

So what comes first, the theme or the venue? Just getting started can feel overwhelming. That’s why many wedding experts think that touring venues is a natural first step. Exploring locations can often inspire a theme. When visiting wedding venues, you will get a gut feeling about what place feels authentic to you two as a couple.

Wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ vary quite a bit. Step one is to explore your options via the internet. As you explore the many websites, ask yourself the following questions:

How professional and alluring is the website?

What is the overall look of the venue?

What is the venue’s stance on catering and the bar?

These questions are important because a well-designed and eye catching website will reveal a lot about the professionalism of a venue. The overall look of the venue will dictate the ambiance of the evening, in conjunction with your chosen theme. Food and drink are what many guests look forward to most, so these components must be topnotch.

For example, The Brick House in Wyckoff, New Jersey has an easy-to-navigate and elegant website. The website reveals a lot about the overall look of The Brick House, which is one of the most unique wedding venues in Bergen County.

A unique venue is key. Both a traditional wedding theme, and a more alternative wedding theme, all benefit from a unique venue. The Brick House is a state of the art landmark that dates to 1851! The Greek Revival Farmhouse undertook a complete makeover and is now state of the art and among the trendiest wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ.

The website also reveals that the restaurant is run by a native Sicilian chef who owns a second Wyckoff restaurant and bar. An experienced and passionate chef that is also well versed in wines, like the chef at The Brick House, will almost guarantee a memorable dining experience on your wedding day.

Once you have narrowed down your top wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, you can schedule tours to see them in person and talk with the venues’ wedding coordinators. While you tour the venues, it is helpful to be familiar with the wedding themes listed below. Envision your favorite themes at each venue to help you make the right decision.


Traditional Wedding Themes

Traditional wedding themes are “traditional” because they never go out of style. They are classic, refreshing, and elegant. We will begin by perusing some of the most traditional wedding themes.


A romantic themed wedding is so felicitous because guests are gathering to celebrate the romance between you and partner. Romance is soft, beautiful, lacy and full of flowers. What says romantic more than stunning floral arrangements, dim lighting with lots of candles and candelabras, a pastel color palette and a classic, flower-dotted wedding cake?


Vintage weddings are inherently classy and time-defying. The couple is living in the 2000s, yet celebrating like the 1920’s, 1950’s or any favorite era. The bride can don a one-of-a-kind vintage dress that has a story behind it. Her jewelry can be passed down from a great-grandmother. The music can set the mood with tunes from a particular era.  A live band here really shines and sets the vintage mood. The decor here depends on what specific vintage era you have in mind.

Black Tie

The classiness and elegance of a black tie wedding is undeniable. Women flaunt floor length gowns while the men don tuxedos with black ties or black bow ties. Black tie denotes a formal wedding often with a longer ceremony accompanied by the dramatic tones of an organ. A minimal color palette is often associated with a black tie wedding because the emphasis is placed on all the other details. The decor will be topnotch with lavish, perhaps velvet, drapes and fine china and glassware. Traditional and high class menu options like filet mignon and salmon will wow your guests. Imagine servers walking around with exquisite trays of hors d’oeuvres. The Brick House in Wyckoff is famous for its porterhouse steak and seafood and can easily cater towards a black tie wedding.


A rustic wedding theme is the traditional route for the Do-It-Yourselfers at heart. The color palette is often a palette found in nature, like spring colors, or warm fall hues. Tables may be lined with creative mason jar arrangements full of candles or flowers. Natural twine, wood decor, chalkboard paint, photos of the bride and groom and handmade party favors are often components of a rustic wedding. The menu can be farm to table and feature lots of seasonal and local produce, or for more casual fare barbecue can be served. A farmhouse, a brick building, or an outdoor venue work great here.


More Unique Wedding Themes

The more non-traditional wedding themes below can still offer a very classy feel—or, the couple can choose a kitschy, quirky or eccentric theme that is personal to their story!


A modern wedding is all about breaking free from tradition. Rather than lacy intricate designs, think clear cut lines and geometric shapes. Modern is fun because it really allows you to be creative in exploring a completely uncharted territory. The color palette here can be bright and bold. The bride can even opt out of the traditional white for her wedding dress.


A bohemian theme is all about a connection with nature and draws its roots from the hippy counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s. The color palette here will be earth toned and natural. Macrame and woven art with hanging plants and lush green flower arrangements are often the star here. The bride can wear her hair down and have the florist create a hair piece out of real flowers. The setting here is often outdoors, but can easily be accommodated indoors if a venue has a beautiful patio or garden area.


What time of year do you envision your wedding? Are you choosing a date near your favorite holiday? A holiday themed wedding can be very fun and kitschy, or classy and traditional. Think Christmas with red and green velvet, or perhaps Valentines Day with bold hearts, cupids, and a chocolate fountain. July 4th is the peak of summer fun and a wedding with barbecue food and fireworks can be spectacular.


Honing in on your personal ethnicity and culture is one of the most unique ways to customize your wedding theme. By reaching back to your family’s roots, you can uncover wedding traditions that are specific to your lineage. Marriage is the union between two families and choosing a cultural theme for a wedding is a beautiful way to commemorate this union. Wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, being so close to the multi-racial melting pot of New York City, have seen a wide array of unique cultural traditions. The attire, the menu, and the music can all easily be customized towards a specific culture. For example, Indian weddings are renowned for their elaborate and beautiful rituals full of henna, bright colors and fun lively dance music.


Your wedding celebration is one of the few festivities where you can really go all out. A glamorous wedding theme is over the top with gold accents, glitter, and sparkly decor. The wedding dress can be glamorous in any way unique to the bride – whether it’s accented with lots of glitter or jewels—or rocks a noticeably long and elaborate train. Glamorous can range from old Hollywood, or modern glitzy glam. It’s all up to the bride and groom.

Have Fun!

As you plan your wedding, the most important thing is to remember to have fun! This is a sweet and special occasion and whatever theme you choose will be fantastic. Explore your options with a light attitude, be creative, and trust your instinct! Here at The Brick House, we are happy to help!

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