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Why Choosing Professional Wedding Venues in Bergen County, NJ is Better than a Home Ceremony

Why Choosing Professional Wedding Venues in Bergen County, NJ is Better than a Home Ceremony

Your big day is coming up, and there seems to be an endless amount of decisions coming your way. Who will you invite to the wedding, where will they sit, where are you going to get the dress, who is going to be in your bridal party, and seemingly hundreds of more questions that lead to even more questions. While these decisions can be overwhelming and stressful, this time is supposed to be joyful as you and your fiancé get ready to transition into the next stage of your lives together. So, when it comes to deciding the location for your wedding and reception, there are often two main ideas that come to mind. One of these might be a home space, as in someone’s back yard, and another popular consideration is to be hosted by one of many professional wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ.

Both of these options both carry a few misconceptions that should be cleared up right away: home weddings are cute, sweet, nice, etc., and hosting a wedding at a venue doesn’t allow for your personal touch. While both of these conclusions are possible, neither is often true.

Home weddings, while sometimes pulling off a nice, sweet appearance, often are an incredible stress and hassle that adds on top of everything that you already have to deal with when it comes to the process of getting married and making plans for your future. The technical aspects of having to manage additional processes as the wedding transpires should not be a thing, especially as the bride and groom shouldn’t have to focus on much beyond their own vows and each other.

On the other hand, when you choose to host your special day at one of the wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, there is the perfect amount of opportunity to make your wedding uniquely you. At a wedding venue, they take care of most behind the scenes technical aspects, such as catering, table set up and the clean up afterwards, that a bride and groom should not have to deal with on the day of their union. But when it comes to other options, from seating arrangements to floral choices as well as order of events, the bride and groom have full power to choose how their wedding is directed. As the people are not the same as every other people who use the venue to get married, their wedding will also no chance of being the exact same, and it will be memorable to the couple and the guests that have the opportunity to be present.

There are a few more specific reasons why you should choose from one of the professional wedding venues in Bergen County, NJ, rather than decide to host a wedding in a home space, even though the misconceptions might point you in the wrong direction.

Set Up

When it comes to hosting a wedding in a home or back yard area, it becomes such a hassle to manage the process. Cleaning, deciding exact locations, and managing the ambience the day of falls on the bride and groom more often than not. Unless both the bride and groom are professional wedding event planners, there is often some things that are overlooked, and there are a lot of last-minute emergencies that could potentially happen the day of, or just in the few days before.

At a wedding venue, it is nearly impossible for the technical processes to go wrong. Most items and set-up equipment are always on site, as well as back-up options, as wedding venues literally exist to support the set up and efforts of a wedding. Everything is settled established and discussed early on, so that if you do have any changes in how you want things set up, they can work with what you already have figured out. There is also room to have the wedding, cocktail hour, and reception in the same venue, nearly moments after each other, whereas there is usually not enough room in a home wedding to have both the wedding and reception set up at the same time.

One example of a home wedding going wrong can be as simple as the tables and chairs. When you host a wedding at a house or in a back yard, it is on you to personally rent however many tables and chairs needed for your event. If you get the number of your guests wrong, or you have to deal with last-minute additions, it is often too late to order extra chairs or tables last minute. It also falls on you to make sure that all of the tables and chairs are set up in the right places, as the people you rent the tables and chairs from usually only deliver.

Another possibility is that the truck that delivers the chairs and tables might break down, get lost, get the date wrong, you name it. You might end up with no tables and chairs at all. This might seem unlikely, but it has absolutely happened before, so who is to say that it won’t happen to you?

At a wedding venue, this could not happen. They keep all table and chair materials on hand. You have some surprise guests? They can add a table, or a few extra chairs. Once you give them the set up you want for your wedding, they take care of putting everything together, and if you would like, you can make sure they do it right, but if you were clear enough on your table seating chart, they should have carried it out perfectly. There is no chance of the tables and chairs for your wedding to get lost or misplaced.

During the Event

When things go wrong during an at-home wedding, it often falls into the hands of the bride and groom to fix the issues. This is not fair. Their concerns should not have to deal with the catering or safety elements of an event. They should not have to worry about people being satisfied regarding the resources available to them, such as bathroom availability. Yet this happens all the time.

Wedding venues handle the catering for you. They have a kitchen and staff on hand, and they work with you before the event to set the menu options that you would like to provide for your guests. This includes knowledge about dietary needs and allergies that some of your guests may need special care with. They hire companies that specialize in desserts, and more often than not they have bartenders on staff who manage a safe alcohol environment. They also have waiters and table bussers for dirty dishes, or any accidental messes.

In addition to provisions for catering, wedding venues have security guards who manage the safe environment of your wedding. They have wedding coordinators who manage the staff and make sure that everything goes according to your plan.

Clean Up

Again, at home wedding clean up falls on you. Whether or not you actually have to physically clean up and tear down yourself, or you have family members who offer to do this for you, there is always a higher chance for something to go wrong. Things can get broken or misplaced, there might be a bigger mess than expected, or you might end up having to clean up yourself because people are fickle, and people who previously volunteered to help clean up are no longer willing.

The wedding venue handles all clean up, during and after. They are trained to take special care of personal items that you might want to keep for memories, and they do everything possible to keep any last-minute stresses from falling onto you.

While at home, things may seem more in your “control.” This really just means that there is more stress that rests on your shoulders, which is too much for a couple on their wedding day. A wedding venue gives you the space and time you need to focus on what’s important. During the wedding, there is a wedding coordinator present, whose job is to make sure that things run smoothly and to manage any problems that may come up.

A venue still has equal opportunity for you to add your own personal touch. Not only are you a main instrument in the overall creative process, but you have the option to add personal details of your own. A few examples of these might include the wedding cake, a slideshow, singing performances, seating cards, a photobooth, and more. All these things are done according to you. The wedding coordinator works with what you want, down to the timing and schedule that you have in mind. They make sure you have the space and time for toasts and entrances, dances, and more.

In the end, choosing a wedding venue in Bergen County, NJ, will prove a better idea for a more successful outcome of the day itself. In both situations, you still will end up with a ring on your finger, but the memories to recall your big day can be filled with stress and anxiety about everything that went wrong, or positive memories of the day you married the love of your life.

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